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Epilogue - I wrote this half-drunk last night after stumbling on to something about Peter G. Peterson, and then reading something on the Daily Paul about secret societies (which got my blood up - so many idiots over there - but I got myself banned there somehow so I had no way to get my ya-ya's out). For those who don't know, Peter Peterson is a very high-up guy who's company, Blackstone Group (nothing to do with Blackwater) was involved in the financing and insuring of the WTC a number of weeks before 9-11. He also heads up a think-tank which most people are not familiar with, not the Trilateral Commission, not the CFR, but the (Peter G. Peterson) Institute for International Economics. Lots of ex-Federal Reserve Governors are members. I wanted to talk about the history of the elite and how everything is connected, but got sidetracked by the Blackstone Group and AIG stuff ... Anyway, I'll just post it anyway for what it's worth. (That and 50 cents might buy you a cup of coffee.)


There's a thread over at the Daily Paul rght now titled, 'What's bigger than the Bilderberg Group' or something to that effect, about the Club of Rome, (or was it the council of 300?? - whichever.). They're (Club of Rome) supposedly hooked in with the Vatican - & that supposedly makes them powerful. I guess. (Of course, someone posted the usual comment about the Black Pope, the "anti-chist").

Or was it about the Round Table? Sorry, I can't remember. It's not so important (nor is the Black Pope IMO), there are so many others, many others, many think-tanks, "secret societies", who's members are alleged to be running our world. Maybe they do - some of them, to some extent - you need a grain of salt to go along with that grain of truth. Skull and Bones, Alfalfa Club, Heritage Foundation, SAIS, CFR, Chatham House, Aspen Institute, Club of Rome, or the now defunct P.N.A.C. operating out of England under the auspices of the Henry Jackson 'Institute'? Or was it the Henry Jackson 'Society'?? Awww, I can't keep track. Anyway, Henry Jackson - 'something'.

Oh, speaking of "Societies", I forgot the Pilgrim's Society - we've got a presidential hopeful who's father and grandfather were both in that one, John McCain. ...Or Le Cercle - where you'll find lots of experts on bio-terrorism prevention/invention and even a few royals. Or the 1001 Club. I like that, "club". So many Societies, Institutes, Foundations ... not enough old fashioned "Clubs". Makes me want to light up a cigar. I was in a club myself once, when I was about 10. One of the other members tried to molest me, so I stopped hosting it out of my parent's basement. This one (1001 Club ... what does that MEAN???) sports lots of gun runners & drug dealers, and even the odd Rothschild. They try and do lots of good things though, setting aside land around the world to save wildlife - very active in Africa (under the auspices of the World Wildlife Fund, to which they are intimately connected). They invariably pick properties that host great mineral wealth. BY THE WAY.

Also among the 1001 Club members are a couple of guys who barely escaped prosecution when the Bank of Credit and Commerce International was busted for massive money laundering.

In this case, the word "massive" isn't even an exageration - that was their reason d'etre. I've read that the BCCI was originally the brainchild of British Intelligence, a giant depository of illegitimate capital to facilitate the buying of influence (big-@ss slush fund). I'm sure some other bank(s) has picked up the slack since BCCI went down, but I don't know who or where. And although old news, some things can be gleened from the BCCI scandal. The Bank of England bent over backwards to cover some @sses during that one. Of it's major investors (who escaped, barely, prosecution) two figures who had big stakes in the bank are notable. Adnan Khashoggi (who was implicated in the Iran-Contra affair and was likely an investor in Bush's Harken Oil), and Khalid bin Marfous - also a Bush (Arbusto) investor who was represented on the Carlyle board, and the head of one of two families who controlled Delta Oil, a big Saudi company which was in bed with UNOCAL during the years they (CENTGAS) tried to get the Taliban to OK an Afghan gas pipeline deal (unsuccessfully). Not to mention Delta's joint oil-drilling venture in Azerbaijan with Amerada-Hess, of who's director/stockholders include 9-11 commission head Thomas Kean. Can all of this really be coincidence!? And both Khashoggi and bin Marfous are (alleged to be or have been) members of the same 1001 Club (trying to save the black rhino I'm sure!). Did I mention that Richard Armitage identified bin Marfous as Osama bin Laden's brother in law?? - oh, I'm pretty certain it's untrue, Armitage recanted. (You gotta trust a former special-ops guy. I'm still really pissed that they ever let a professional hit-man like that be the US ambassador to Japan ... the county I happen to live in). Sorry, forgive me for rambling ... the really interesting part of this story is who prosecuted the BCCI case in New York, and didn't uncover any malfeasance with regard to major investors Khashoggi or bin Marfous. That would be chief prosecutor Michael Cherkasky, who incidentally ALSO led the investigation into the 1993 WTC bombing. (Sheesh!) He was also a big shot at AIG, Maurice Greenberg's insurance giant - who set up the WTC deal for Larry Silverstein ... before reselling the insurance policy to companies like unsuspecting German Allianz. Greenberg is a real gem, one time director of the New York branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. If you want to dig into this, Kroll, a front company for the CIA with connections to Enron (and thus the Bush family), is partly owned by AIG. And how can one mention Maurice Greenberg without noticing Peter G. Peterson standing nearby, who's company Blackstone Group also helped out with the WTC deal. 'The Catbird Seat' did a great and well researched article about AIG and Blackstone (and even Kissinger Associates)'s involvement in the financial connections to 9-11 but that whole website now is gone. Even with help of the Wayback Machine I couldn't find it ... gone baby, gone. Anyway, Peterson was so dominant a presence on the Institute for International Economics (where he serves along with Greenberg & all the other top dogs of international finance like Fred Bergsten, Peter Sutherland (no relation to the actor), David Rockefeller et-al - now THERE'S a think-tank worth looking at!) - that they renamed it the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics. ...At the risk of interupting the train of thought here (PLEASE, interrupt, someone interrupt!), I ran across a great website which attempts to identify the important players - I tried to do just that once and gave up, it was such a big job. This guy seems to have it together though .... if you are interested, http://www.newswithviews.com/Wood/patrick6.htm

I thought this phrase from his first page was telling - "The old saying, "Birds of a feather, flock together" is appropriate for the perpetrators of globalism. Sociologically speaking, they are like any other people group with like interests: they naturally tend to form societies that will help them achieve their common interests. A side-benefit of fellowship is mutual support and encouragement. Once formed, such groups tend to be self-perpetuating, at least as long as common interests remain." These are clubs, with agendas, a purpose. Bilderberg is no different - but it's not the clubs that attempt to run the world, it's the people who form and run them. The organizations are simply forums or tools to promote specific agendas. Ironically, more often than not the most powerful interests do not attend. Look at the attendee lists or the steering committee lists for the Bilderberg Group through the years and see if you can find a Warburg ... you won't. Does that mean that the Warburgs have disapeared from the world stage? No way. Ever heard of Warburg-Dillon-Read?? Notice who's name is first! - Here's a great series of articles about Dillon-Read (or, the corporate face of the George W. H. Bush cabinet!). http://www.dunwalke.com/1_Brady_Bush_Bechtel.htm

But unless you dig a little, these people, apart from the family names of some of them adorning the banks they own, are all but invisible.

Jeeze, I started out wanting to write about the hidden history ... and instead I got all tied up in knots talking about various people and companies and the never-ending connections between them.

Aww heck, let me just fly through it ...

Y'all know about how Nathan Rotschild got first information when Napoleon lost at Waterloo (he always had a spy afoot to spirit news to him), and fooled the rest of the English traders into thinking Britain had lost while he bought up most of the Bank of England (and a nice portion of the English economy, if you believe the accounts), at pence to the pound in 1815, right? That was really where it started to get nasty. Nathan allegedly (sorry to use such words, but little of this is 100% verifiable) set up, via proxies (aka Nicholas Biddle), the Second National U.S. Bank, until Andrew Jackson shut it down. The Rothschild/Schiff/Warburg alliance thus forgave a frontal assault and set their sights on gaining influence within the US system, putting their money behind people like J.D.Rockefeller, the Morgan family (they were already tight with Junius Morgan, who took over George Peabody's company which had a prominant London office), and E. H. Harriman, the railroad baron. A guy named Jacob Schiff, who was born in the Rothschild residence in Frankfurt, moved to America for this purpose and, in addition to marrying into the Kuhn & Loeb banking familly, later to become one of the owning banks of the Federal Reserve (surprise), mediated between the Rothschilds and J. D. Rockefeller, arranging the loans Rockefeller would need (via the National City Bank of Cleveland, my and Dennis Kuchinich's hometown btw) to create an oil refinery monopoly. Later he (Schiff) was off to Japan to convince the Meiji dynasty to modernize the country (with Bank of England money) - the movie "The Last Samurai" is far more interesting once you know this little tidbit of history. Funny how the Japanese, with their newly developed military might, went after the Rothschild's long-time nemesis, Russia, in 1904.

Back to the states, Teddy Roosevelt, who had led the charge against the Spanish (Remember the Maine !!! Which sunk because of either a simple coal dust explosion or was simply the first big false-flag-op ... Spain had as much to do with the sinking of the Maine as Osama bin Laden had to do with 9-11 ... and so interesting that the company of Randolf Hearst, which fanned the patriotic fires of anti-Spanish sentement back then, is still shilling for the government via it's subsidiary, Popular Mechanics) ... that was a long tangent - I'm still talking about Teddy Roosevelt, who backstabs the country (and yet still gets his face on Mt. Rushmore) in a number of ways, most notably by creating the National Monetary Commission to look into the idea of a US Central Bank, of which he appoints as head Nelson Aldrich (his daughter later marries J. D. Rockefeller's son, their son becomes U.S. Vice President Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller). Aldrich's panel of course thinks it's a great idea. Another of Roosevelt's pro-everyman anti-monopolist battles results (under Taft) in Rockefeller's Standard Oil being broken up (into a bunch of little Rockefeller companies, many of which will become the big US oil companies in existence today - thanks, Mr. Rockefeller, who's profits skyrocketed after the break-up, for taking a hit for the team ... not to mention the inclusion of Chase as one of the Fed-owning banks, not such a bad deal), oil is discovered in Iraq (at the time Turkish property), Federal Reserve and Income Tax Acts are slipped through congress, Germany starts building a railroad to Baghdad, WWI happens (to stop them and end the Ottoman Empire ... did you really thiink WWI was the result of the Assasination of Duke Ferdinand!!???), Rothschild family, to whom Turkey (the Ottomans) owed a ton of money, recieves a promise of Palestinian land from the victors, specifially from the English Foreign Ministry (Arthur Balfour), to form a Jewish state, League of Nations falls flat, Rockefeller, Ford and Carnegie (non-profit) Foundations (great way to prevent anyone from buying up your company, modelled after the first of it's kind, the Peabody foundation, Rothschild family pal and Morgan mentor George Peabody having first thought it up) - conspire to invest money and energy in the US educational system in order to quash the ideas of the founders and convince the American people that they live in a DEMOCRACY (much easier, if you have enough control over the media, to make changes if all you have to do is convince the majority to think a certain way), CFR (and in England the RIIA) are formed (to make sure, at least in the case of the US, that congressmen won't get too patriotic and try to throw the banksters out again), Teddy Roosevelt's cousin FDR buys up all the nation's gold at 20 bucks an ounce, E.H. Harriman's son Averell and Bush's granddad Prescot get friendly - with Hitler! (WWII erupts), some CFR leaders (Dulles and soon to jump out of a hospital window Forrestal) form the CIA out of the former OSS (and some imported Nazis), the US begins, covertly, through the CIA, stomping all over the Mid-East and South America (cheap Iranian oil secured, cheap Guatemalan bananas secured), JFK wakes up and tries, unsuccesfully, to wrest power from the Fed (and pull out of Vietnam) and is shot, Indonesia loses about a half million "communists" to another of our coups (Nike and Gap are STILL there pumping out sneakers and casual wear, not to mention the oil), friendship between David Rockefeller and Zbignew Brzezinski results in the formation of the Trilateral Commission, Carter, a member of the new Trilateral Commission, is selected for the presidency (Brzezinski follows him into the White House) and, in due time, the US is sending money and weapons to Osama bin Laden and his motley crew of terrorists (oops, sorry, I meant freedom fighters), the Soviet-Afghan war concludes (the whole red army traded their paychecks for Afghan heroin and got high while Russia ran out of gas and collapsed), and suddenly, according to Brzezinski and his protoges, the 'looming threat to global security' is those same nasty Islamic "freedom fighters" (that he was egging on just yesterday), then a decade of wrangling about a Caspian pipeline, the idiot of the century G. W. Bush talks Dick Cheney into buying a company that his family is heavily invested in, Dresser, who is facing potentially billions of losses related to Asbestos lawsuits, Cheney agrees but forgets to tell the Halliburton stockholders about the lawsuits (it's all good, the Iraq war will more than make up for it), UNOCAL finally gives up trying to talk the Taliban into playing ball (ungrateful b@stards! WE put them in there in the first place!!!), Bush picks Cheney to pick his VP, he picks himself, an election is stolen, 9-11 happens, and the Cheney-Neocon faction spends a few years slapping the country around. Need I mention that we are going to h@ll in a hand-basket ... no, I really don't want to think about it. Maybe Obama will save us??

Hmmm, isn't Zbiggy Brzezinski Obama's foreign policy advisor already? Isn't US politics just the "good-cop bad-cop" thing over and over again?

Well, this post kind of turned out a mess ... but so did the world. Difference? The powers that be intended to make a mess of things, I didn't. (Or did I? - maybe that was my point all along). laugh.gif

P.S. I didn't fact check AT ALL as I was spewing - corrections are most welcome. We all want to find out what is really the truth about our world.
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It's actually a brilliant 'short history of the world', Sanders. Bravo!
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