Who Was Really In Charge Of Wtc Security?, Cerberus?

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WTC1 security desk picture of CERBERUS:

*note: a "cerberus" is a 3-headed beast (usually dog) from greek/roman mythology: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cerberus

Cerberus (Greek: Κέρβερος, Kérberos) is the name given to the entity which, in Greek and Roman mythology, is a multi-headed dog which guards the gates of Hades, to prevent those who have crossed the river Styx from ever escaping...

(a modern rendition of a cerberus)

(a classical rendition of a cerberus)

Cerberus was the son of Echidna, a hybrid half-woman, half-serpent and Typhon, a fire-breathing giant whom even the Olympian gods feared. His brother is Orthrus, always depicted as a two-headed hellhound.[6] The common depiction of Cerberus in Greek mythology and art is as having three heads, a mane of live serpents (similar to Medusa's hair) and a dragon's tail. In most works the three-heads each respectively see and represent the past, the present and the time yet to come, while other sources suggest the heads represent birth, youth and old age.[7] Each of Cerberus' heads is said to have an appetite only for live meat and thus allow the spirits of the dead to freely enter the underworld, but allow none to leave.[8] Cerberus was always employed as Hades' loyal watchdog, and guarded the gates that granted access and exit to the underworld (also called Hades).[9]

now back to-

CERBERUS, the company profile:

Cerberus Security Services redefines the role of security -- both corporate and private -- in an intense, sometimes unsettling environment, in which success and safety are increasingly at risk. A small, specialized firm based in New York City, Cerberus delivers security with speed, flexibility and with customized detail. Cerberus creates effective and responsive security protection programs without the bureaucracy, frustrations and layers of hierarchy that often bedevil business with large security firms. Cerberus will never offer a client a prefabricated security program. Our mission is to craft for each client a unique security plan, one that begins by analyzing every aspect of the client's area of concern, assessing risk and creating effective...

cerberus company senior members:;cd=3&gl=us

Cerberus Senior Management
Stephen Hollowell, President
Timothy Ross Gansrow, Vice President and Co-Founder
Peter Winski, Managing Director
Keith Rauscher, Senior Supervisor

The senior management team of Cerberus Security Services combines extensive expertise and experience in local, national, and international law enforcement and corporate security. Our senior managers draw on years of service with the New York Police Department, federal and state law enforcement divisions, New York City Emergency Division, New Scotland Yard as well as senior security positions in well-known New York City institutions and corporations, such as Kroll, Inc. Their network of contacts offers the highest level of strategic partnerships in personal security including drivers specifically trained in executive protection defensive driving, canine handlers, and security systems integration.

Our protection team also consists of skilled professionals with years of experience in counter-terrorism and executive protection, working on behalf of government figures, foreign and domestic business leaders, royalty and world-renowned entertainers.

.: .: Stephen Hollowell, President
Stephen Hollowell, CPP, is the President and Founder of Cerberus Security Services, a New York City-based firm that provides a full range of security services specializing in comprehensive threat assessments for corporations and high-net worth individuals, special events and executive protection. Mr. Hollowell brings more than 25 years of international experience in security management and law enforcement.

Previous to Cerberus, Mr. Hollowell worked at Kroll, Inc.'s Corporate Security Group, where he employed his expertise in a wide range of security services including the development and implementation of complete security programs that involve physical security reviews, executive protection programs, special events, security policies and procedures, crisis and emergency management plans, loss prevention and criminal and civil investigations.

Mr. Hollowell was the Director of Security and Safety at the American Museum of Natural History, where he modernized the security department and established the first integrated access control system. He developed and implemented the Museum's first crisis management plan and established the first operational policies and procedures for the security and safety of employees, priceless artifacts and visitors. Mr. Hollowell coordinated numerous sensitive V.I.P events for international and domestic dignitaries.

Previously, Mr. Hollowell worked at the Brooklyn Academy of Music as the Director of Security, and at Mount Sinai Medical Center as Director of Investigations.

In England Mr. Hollowell worked for the Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, where as a Detective Sergeant he handled many varied and sensitive assignments, including organizing and providing security for major public events.

Mr. Hollowell has extensive experience designing and managing security programs like the following:

High Rise Corporate Office Buildings, Executive Residences, Hotels, Schools, Museums, Cultural Institutions, Airports, Train and Bus Stations, Bridges and Tunnels, Industrial Parks, Warehouses and Parking Facilities

Mr. Hollowell graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice, where he received his B.S. summa cum laude in Security Management with a minor in Law.

Mr. Stephen Hollowell is a Certified Protection Professional, CPP and an expert in Security Systems Design and Application. He is a certified Fire Safety Director and a NY Security Guard Act Instructor. He is also certified in the Advanced Course on the Reid Technique of Interview and Interrogation.

Mr. Hollowell is a member of the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) and Association of Threat Assessment Professional (ATAP).

.: .: Timothy Ross Gansrow, Vice President and Co-Founder
Timothy Ross Gansrow, Vice President of Cerberus Security Services, is a founding partner of the company. He develops and implements strategies for the protection of high-net worth individuals and corporate executives; assists in the development and operational oversight of numerous special events for corporations and wealthy private citizens; conducts criminal investigations for Fortune 500 companies; and tenders operational oversight in such areas as threat assessment and site management.

Mr. Gansrow has worked in the private security sector for over 13 years, including six years as a Security Supervisor at Kroll, Inc. under the management of Stephen Hollowell, Senior Director.

Mr. Gansrow is a former Detective First Class in the New York Police Department's Anti-Crime Unit, Manhattan North Narcotics Division, Manhattan North Narcotics Homicide Unit, and Organized Crime Investigation Division.

He was also a member of the NYPD Intelligence Division, Dignitary Protection Unit, Special Operations Group, working cooperatively with the U.S. Secret Service and State Department to provide executive protection for heads of state and dignitaries visiting New York City, including Vice President Dick Cheney; Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon; former Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu; foreign Minister of the State of Qatar, Surya Bahadur Thepa; and the former Joint Chief of Staff, General Thomas Franks.

Mr. Gansrow was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and is currently assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Mr. Gansrow's commendations and distinctions include:

Medal for Valor
Eight Excellence in Police Duty Awards
Two Meritorious Awards
An Honorable Merit Award
Commendation for Investigation Excellence
Dignitary Protection Certification
Cult/Occult Certification
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Agency Certification
Organized Crime Control Bureau Narcotics Interdiction Training
Counterterrorism Training
CIC Investigators Course

.: .: Peter Winski, Managing Director
Peter Winski, Managing Director of Cerberus Security Services, assists in the management and implementation of executive protection projects and corporate crisis management plans for executive and high-net worth clients; manages the day-to-day operations for numerous special events for dignitaries both domestic and international; and conducts numerous successful short-term and long-term criminal investigations of high-profile clients.

Mr. Winski is a Deputy Inspector with the New York City Police Department and currently the Commanding Officer of the 30th Precinct. In his 18 years with the NYPD, Mr. Winski has worked in a variety of assignments including as the Special Operations Coordinator in the Street Crime Unit, where his duties involved implementing and preserving crime scenes and conducting Police involved shooting investigations.

Mr. Winski has been the Platoon Commander of the 103rd Precinct and the Executive Officer of Midtown South Precinct, when he was a Captain, with responsibilities for all police action within these areas. He then was the Commanding Officer of the First Precinct, which covers all of Lower Manhattan including the Financial District and the World Trade Center, during the attacks of September 11, 2001. He has extensive experience in emergency situations and has learned firsthand what security features have proven reliable. As a Deputy Inspector he is part of the Citywide Incident Management System, which involves all Counter-Terrorism and Emergency response and recovery in New York City.

Mr. Winski has extensive law enforcement experience and training in executive protection and special event coordination.

Mr. Winski's additional training and certification include:

Hostage Negotiation and Response
Counter-Terrorism Prevention/Response/Mitigation/Recovery Training
Search Warrant Application and Execution Training
Hazardous Material Responder Certification
Citywide Incident Management Certification
Police Involved Shootings and Crime Scene Investigations
Integrity and Internal Investigations
Unconventional Threats to Homeland Security
Advanced Technology in Homeland Security
Homeland Security Intelligence

Mr. Winski has a Bachelor's Degree in Forensic Psychology from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and is currently enrolled in the Master's Degree Program in Homeland Security and Counter Terrorism at the Naval Postgraduate School: Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

.: .: Keith Rauscher, Senior Supervisor
Keith E. Rauscher, Senior Supervisor of Cerberus Security Services, conducts numerous successful short-term and long-term criminal investigations for high-profile clients.

Mr. Rauscher also assists in the implementation of Executive Protection projects and oversight of corporate crisis management plans for executive and high-net worth clients, and assists in the day-to-day operations for numerous special events for dignitaries both domestic and international. Prior to that, Mr. Rauscher operated as a Protection Specialist under the management of Stephen Hollowell, Senior Director, at Kroll Associates Incorporated.

Mr. Rauscher is a former Detective first class with the New York City Police Department. In his 20 years with the NYPD, Mr. Rauscher supervised police officers and detectives and worked in the anti-crime unit dealing with armed robberies.

Mr. Rauscher investigated New York police corruption while attached to the Internal Affairs Bureau.

Mr. Rauscher was also the case officer of long-term and extremely successful investigations involving organized crime members from the Gambino and Luchese families.

Mr. Rauscher was granted US Marshall's status in order to pursue targeted criminals worldwide and worked extensively with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Customs, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Mr. Rauscher has extensive law enforcement experience and training in executive protection and special event coordination.

Commendations and Distinctions:

Two Distinguished Duty Medals
Six Excellence In Police Duty Medals
Four Honorable Merit Awards
Commendation for Investigative Excellence
Cult / Occult Certification
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Certification
NYSPIN Certification
Counter Terrorism Training
Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device Certification
Criminal Investigation Courses
Federal Bureau of Investigation Surveillance Certification
New York City Police Department Photographic Training
New York City Police Department Internal Affairs Bureau Certification


so who was really in charge of security at the WTC's? was Cerberus just the name of some software or system and is that why its name was on that security panel in the pic? or was that a company tasked with building security at the wtc's? if so, who are these guys? and how come no one has ever mentioned them before?

any help in researching more about them would be much appreciated, thanks!

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ok, so NEVERMIND the cerberus security company above, although if i was looking for security in NYC, the above Cerberus company definitely seems qualified to take care of my needs, perhaps abit too much so... but do take note that one of those guys above worked for KROLL, which was paid big dollars by the Port Authority after the 93 bombing at the wtc (and actually so was Cerberus Pyrotronics - more on them below).

but regarding the name on the panel, turns out that:


This is a photgraph of the One World Trade Center Fire Command Station (310A). Seated is Lloyd Thompson, Fire Safety Director and Standing John Drucker Jr., Siemens Fire Safety Project Manager. The equipment shown is the WTC Fire Alarm and Evacuation System. I spent 8 1/2 years at the WTC working with the Port Authority of NY & NJ to restore, engineer and upgrade the Base Building Fire Alarm and Evacuation System at the World Trade Center. God Bless those who perished that fateful day especially my dear friend James Barbella. Sincerely, John Drucker jr.

Date Entered: 2003-04-15

unfortunately my friend who forwarded me the pic, never sent me that 2nd link with the description, or chances are i would not have posted this thread. so please forgive the prematurely posted and not-fully-researched posting, its my fault. none the less, since FIRE is such a key diversion and falsehood of the official story and so integral and pivotal to the mindfuk/psyop, here is some info i compiled on the correct Cerberus company.

-a good thread with some experts from the field naming specs:

Q: I've got a long-time question: does anyone know what the alarms were in the World Trade Center? While watching a couple of documentaries, I've seen an RSS in there, and what looked like a Cerberus Pytrotronics voice panel, but that's it...

A: Well, obviously what's in the documentaries aren't the real alarms (unless it's actual footage of the buildings). Reading all the reports, I have the model #s of all the devices, but the trouble is the signals are hard to come by. For instance, the combination speaker/strobe units were Cerberus Pyrotronics SS70-15/75. I thought these would be MTL-style speaker/strobes, but last week, I came across an auction for an alarm w/ the exact same model #, and it turned out to be a rebranded Wheelock LSM speaker/strobe. SO, IDK whether they were rebranded Wheelock alarms or actual CP alarms.

But yes, the main panels were Cerberus Pyrotronics MXL-Vs located in the lobbies of the building they served. They monitored 5 remote panels, which monitored 8 "slave" panels which monitored "fire control cabinets" on each floor.

also see: http://wtc.nist.gov/pubs/NISTNCSTAR1-4CDraft.pdf



History: From the beginning to the present

We have been providing building performance solutions to some of the world's most famous facilities since 1891.
We are the world's largest manufacturer of fire detection systems and the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a "No False Alarm" guarantee. We are on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, monitoring our customers' security systems from our national control centers in Washington, D.C. and Dallas. We have negotiated more than $3 billion in energy supply contracts on behalf of our customers and have guaranteed nearly $1.5 billion in energy savings since 1965.

We offer the broadest range of HVAC controls in the industry-more than 35,000 components across 35 product categories.

The aerospace and defense community began to rely on our fire safety technology as far back as 1963. We provide security system monitoring to more than 3,000 commercial locations in North America. No company has installed as many hotel or office building solutions as Siemens Building Technologies. You'll find our fire safety technology in diverse locations and climate-from Disney World…to the Sydney Opera House…to the Alaskan Pipeline.

Recent History

On October 1, 1998, Siemens AG acquired the industrial holdings of Swiss-based Electrowatt AG, which included Landis & Staefa and Cerberus Pyrotronics, leaders in building automation and fire alarm & life safety respectively. Combining these leaders with its own related businesses, Siemens AG created a new operating company: Siemens Building Technologies. In June 2001, Siemens Building Technologies established a presence in the rapidly growing electronic security market by acquiring the Security Technologies Group of Sunrise, Florida. Today, Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., offers from a single source the industry's most comprehensive range of building performance solutions.

The Fast Facts of Siemens Building Technologies

Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. is part of Siemens AG, a global electronics and information technology company that is the 21st largest company in the world with $96 billion in sales and 460,000 employees throughout 190 countries.

One of 11 Siemens U.S. Operating Companies, Siemens Building Technologies employs approximately 10 percent of the 70,000 people Siemens has working in this country.

With some 110 branch offices across the U.S., Siemens Building Technologies is local to its customers nationwide.

Siemens building automation, fire safety and security systems are in place and improving the comfort, safety and energy efficiency of more than 35,000 facilities across North America.

In the wake of hurricane Katrina, Siemens Corp. matched employee donations to the American Red Cross dollar-for-dollar to generate $2.8 million in relief.

Siemens Building Technologies provides access security to NASA's most sensitive facilities including Cape Canaveral.

Siemens has been providing building performance, safety and security solutions to the world's most famous buildings and institutions since 1891, including the Empire State Building, The White House and Disney World.

Specialized environments are a Siemens core competency-just ask Mei Xiang and Tian Tian, Chinese pandas on loan to the Smithsonian's National Zoo, who where kept comfortable enough to give birth to cub Tai Shan in July 2005.

A new waste-carpet-to-energy plant built by Siemens will convert16,000 tons of waste carpet annually, reduce customer Shaw Industries' fuel-oil requirements by 3 million gallons, create some $2.5 million in energy savings and generate more than 50,000 pounds of steam per hour for its carpet manufacturing processes.

Siemens products and solutions encompass a portfolio of open technologies capable of integrating with 200-plus manufacturers and more than 700 specific systems and devices.

Globally, Siemens ranks in the top 10 of corporate R&D spenders, investing more than $7 billion annually in application-oriented innovation. In the U.S., Siemens dedicates $900 million and nearly 7,000 employees to the R&D effort.

Siemens has negotiated more than $3 billion in energy supply contracts on behalf of our customers and through performance contracting guaranteed nearly $1.5 billion in energy savings since 1965.

Siemens provides 24/7 security system monitoring to more than 3,000 commercial locations in North America from its Central Monitoring stations in Washington, D.C. and Dallas.

Siemens provides combustion controls to nearly 95 percent of all North American burner and boiler manufacturers.

Siemens is the world's largest manufacturer of fire detection systems and the only manufacturer in the industry to offer a "No False Alarm" guarantee.

Siemens offers the broadest range of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls in the industry-more than 35,000 components across 35 product categories.

The aerospace and defense community began to rely on our fire safety technology as far back as 1963.

im out of time for tonight, but this is where i left off and hope to pick from later:

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