Debate Challenge And Questions For 911blogger, Letter just sent to 911Blogger.

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I just sent the following letter to the entire 911Blogger team:

"911Blogger Owners and Moderators,

My name is Adam Ruff. I am a former contributor to 911Blogger and reporter for Unspun Newz http://www.youtube.com/user/unspunnewz?feature=mhum. I would like to ask you all some questions on the record regarding your involvement with 911Blogger and would appreciate your response to them for my upcoming report on 911Blogger and the Citizens Investigation Team (CIT). Please reply back individually or as a group with your thoughts about each question written below the question itself so your responses will not get confused or be misunderstood. Thank you.

Q: Now that such a large number of people have been banned from 911Blogger apparently without violating the site rules and without an explanation do you feel the site is fulfilling it's purpose better today then it was prior to the mass banning? If so can you explain how the site has improved or how the truth movement has benefited from the mass banning?

Q: What is official 911Blogger editorial policy regarding CIT's pentagon evidence and regarding CIT supporters posting on 911Blogger?

Q: What is 911Bloggers official position in regard to censorship and the 1st amendment to the US Constitution? Can you elaborate on that position specifically as it relates to private property rights vs. free speech rights?

Q: In light of the recent endorsements of CIT from Barrie Zwicker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xu5wzJtSMhc and Dwain Deets http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYGkiYmVUmg , endorsements which were very critical of censorship efforts against CIT within the truth movement, do you feel that it may have been ill advised to take such a harsh stance against CIT yourselves or do you feel as though your stance is justified and correct? Could you explain your answer?

Q: How involved were each of you personally in deciding who would be banned from 911Blogger? Did you make the decisions in each case yourself or was it a committee decision involving all/some of the other moderators as to who would be banned?

Q: Do you contend that those individuals banned without explanation over the last few months were not banned because of their support for CIT but for some other reason? If so why were they banned and how do you explain the large numbers of CIT supporters in the banned group?

Q: Do you consider 911Bloggers efforts to suppress CIT's evidence and purge CIT's supporters from your site to be successful? If so how do you measure that success?

Q: If it should turn out that CIT, Barrie Zwicker, Dwain Deets, and the many CIT supporters purged from 911Blogger were proved correct in their conclusions about the pentagon attack (I.E. the fly over happened, the pole damage was staged, etc) how will you restore 911Bloggers reputation and make up for the tremendous damage that has been done to the truth movement and to it's members who were wrongly silenced?

Q: Are you willing to debate CIT on the subject of the pentagon provided a neutral debate setting, established debate rules, and equal representative teams can be arranged? If not can you tell us why you choose to decline such a debate?

Q: If none of you are willing to answer any of the above questions is there any statement you would like to make on behalf of 911Blogger that you would like me to include in my report?

I look forward to your timely response,

Adam Ruff
Unspun Newz

P.S. I have BCC'd a number of truth movement members on this message in order to keep all this out in the open."

I will post any replies I get here.
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post Sep 25 2010, 11:27 PM
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Could everyone who has been banned by 911Blogger (for discussing or defending CIT or P4T evidence) please drop me a note here so my upcomming report will be accurate as to how many people have been banned or blocked from posting there (I suspect when all is totalled up it will be dozens if not more). Please include the name you use on Blogger to post and let me know if you know of anyone else who was gagged and disappeared from Blogger that is not listed here.

Right now these names are the ones I know of for sure that have been blocked from posting at Blogger.

1. Craig and Aldo from CIT
2. Rob Balsamo
3. Kevin Barrett
4. Stefan
5. Adam Syed
6. Onesliceshort
7. Lillyann
8. Myself (Adam Ruff)
9. SanderO (what is your screen name on Blogger, is it also SanderO there?) Were you banned after discussing CIT or P4T issues?

I am not sure if Barrie Zwicker and/or Dwain Deets have been blocked from posting or not but I do know their endorsements of CIT never saw the light of day at Blogger. I would like to publish as complete a list as possible in my report so any help any of you can be towards that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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