April Gallop Sues American Airlines, But Claims There Was No Plane?, April Gallop Set to go to court again, but should she be supported?

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The documents shown on this forum thread: http://www.atsadgrab.com/forum/thread424507/pg1 are quite.... bad if she is going to go to court again.

Amidst Growing World Doubts About 9/11, Career Army Officer Takes Bush Administration Officials to Court April 5th http://www.911truth.org/article.php?story=20110324050310393

What is the deal with this lady?
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post Jul 9 2011, 06:23 PM
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QUOTE (Amazed!)
My only beef with CIT was a particular conclusion they drew, just 1 out of the several.

Realistically, isn't the conclusion that not only CIT drew but any reasonable, unbiased person would reach, is that the aircraft (a Boeing 757/"Flight 77" specifically) couldn't cause the physical damage from the witnessed trajectory? That it is the only one we can prove? Actual evidence handed to us on a plate?

Anything less like vague and explicable, duhbunker friendly, possibly planted witness testimony (as in the case of the MSM scripted description) and somebody hearing a "whoosh" (incidentally, this witness claimed to see the explosion in his rear view mirror - he was actually closer to NOC on Route 27 - allegedly) or the "possibility" that witnesses on Route 27 may have "missed" the "missile/whatever" travel the OCT path are a distraction.

I think the problem is that people are stuck in a groove in that something must have struck when in reality a controlled, grounded event would have been more risk free and a 99% guaranteed successful effect on both witnesses and rescue workers/firefighters/Pentagon occupants.

A reasonably forceful blast from any close point along the Pentagon's surrounding network of public roads would create broad personnel risk inside the outermost of the building's five concentric office rings and could cause severe property and structural damage as well. According to Evey, "The Renovation Office recognized this shortcoming and was determined to address it effectively by incorporating improved personnel safety features into the overall renovation program." The blast protection task was included in the new design work for the first of the Pentagon's five "wedges" and is now a "template" for the follow-on renovation of the other sections.

The U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District, Protective Design Center evaluated possible threats to determine a "most likely" bomb blast scenario, calculating dynamic, time-varying forces for various blast sizes and locations on the building's perimeter. From this analysis, the Renovation Office established blast resistance structural design criteria for the project. The next step in the process was to develop the design, incorporating the established criteria.


The analyses assume that the Pentagon frame is sufficient to resist the loads transferred to it from the exterior walls. Evaluations of the original and retrofitted Pentagon structures were performed using the Antiterrorist (AT) Planner
software [1]. AT Planner is a PC-based computer code that assists installation-level personnel in analyzing the vulnerability of buildings and their occupants to the effects of terrorist vehicle bombs. The program also contains information to aid in developing protective measures.

AT Planner is being developed to present concepts and procedures for protecting deploying forces from terrorist/saboteur attack using expedient methods that require a minimum of engineer resources. Recent experience has shown that the demand for military engineering in support of antiterrorism has risen dramatically as the Army is drawn into a succession of operations other than war. In these situations, U.S. troops may be subject to attack by unfriendly civilian or paramilitary groups. AT Planner is a Windows 95-based application suitable for operation on a notebook computer by combat engineer officers, and draws on completed and ongoing research related to the protection of fixed facilities from terrorist attack as well as work on field fortifications. AT Planner is based on references 2-7. AT Planner provides standoff distance evaluations, structural damage and window hazard calculations, protective measures checklist for terrorist threats, and vehicle velocity calculations and barrier recommendations. When a vulnerability analysis from a terrorist bomb is calculated in AT Planner, blast pressure is calculated at the center of each structural bay on a structure.
Angle of incidence is considered in calculating airblast levels on structures, but clearing effects and shielding effects are not. AT Planner uses PI (Pressure Impulse) diagrams to allow a user to quickly estimate building damage from a vehicle bomb attack.


The PI curves presented above are used in AT Planner to define safe stand-offs around the Pentagon for the large and small truck bomb threats as shown in Figure 8 (the windows control these stand-offs).

To analyze the existing retrofits response to blast load, SDOF models of the wall and window systems were developed. The wall model did not consider the effects of window failure. The resistance of the wall included the strength of the façade, the masonry wall, and the tubular framing system (dominant contribution). The wall system model was used in WAC to generate RTE and PI curves and these curves were validated with FE analyses. The high level PI curves were used in AT Planner to define safe stand-offs around the Pentagon for the large and the small truck bomb threats. The custom PI diagrams for the window and wall retrofits of the exterior wall of the E-Ring were used for all walls. Damage plot in figure 9 are intended to illustrate damage to the outside of the E-Ring only.


Lt. Gen. Bob Flowers commands the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps helped design the Pentagon's new protection. The engineers studied past attacks, including the 1983 marine bombing in Lebanon, Oklahoma City in 1995, the Khobar Towers Barracks in Saudi Arabia and the US emassies in East Africa.

"at Khobar Towers, for example, most of the damage and casualties were caused by flying debris from the structure and the glass, et cetera," says Flowers. "and so based on that, we worked, designed, things to prevent flying debris and flying glass.

At Oklahoma City, the bulk of the casualties were caused by the collapsing structure. So one of the things we studied was how to put redundant capability in a structure to prevent it from collapsing if it was attacked. So by applying the lessons that you learn from doing those studies, you can better protect structures in the future."

It was a tough way to learn a lesson. But there is an easier way. The Corps is making a study of safer buildings by setting off its own bombs at a research center in Mississippi.

Reed Mosher is the technical director for survivability. They have developed a team of specialists that goes to these terrorist strikes as soon as they happen.

The buildings tell the team a great deal. "we want to find what performed well, what didn't perform well, try to characterize the size of the bomb, the blast," says Mosher.

Mosher also designs his own terrorist bombings in miniature with exacting scale models of reinforced concrete buildings.

Recently, Mosher's team tested a common interior wall, particle board, steel wall studs and sheetrock. The wall is set in a steel frame with instruments inside.

Then they set off a bomb. Mosher has done hundreds of these, in an effort to create new building materials. The corps of engineers runs these experiments through its super computer center, which is one of the most powerful in the nation. The computer can test various kinds of bombs against different buildings without breaking any glass.

In a special 3-d imaging room mosher showed how the super computers recreates the blast wave that hit khobar towers. It predicts the path of every shard of glass from a single breaking window.


There it is in black and white. They knew how the structure would react to various sized blasts from different angles.

Why use a terrain hugging "missile" in a multi-obstacled, topographical nightmare?

Just as with the towers the aircraft were more for effect and make the public believe whatever shit was spoonfed to them. The collapses had to be internally controlled. Guaranteed. Let the media do the rest. Just as in the Pentagon.

Maybe the truth as to how they fabricated the damage is far simpler than we believe or even more bizarre but I'm leaning towards a much simpler, contained, surefire operation.

Why not let the government explain how the damage was caused given the evidence?

GroundPounder linked to an article the other day and the message that stood out for me was the author's despair at how overcomplicated the message is for "9/11 truth". All I'm saying is keep it simple.
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