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The Video That Proves Wtc 7 Was Imploded

post Apr 30 2011, 03:43 PM
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We'll here we have it folks this video proves %100 per cent that wtc 7 was deliberatly imploded you can hear the blast sound just before
the east penthouse implodes and the building begins to collapse straight down now this footage was taken at a distance of approximatly
1.8 miles away on the Frank Sinatra Pier recorded by camera man Richard Seigal and was released by NIST as part of the NIST Cumulus
database as video CBS-Net Dub5 09.avi now one of the most important aspects of this video is that it corroborates the eyewitness account
of a man named Kevin Mc Padden who was standing around near wtc 7 before it fell and he described in his testimony that he heard a loud
blast sound he described what he heard as "BA BOOM" after re calling hearing a countdown the explosion in this video seems to closely
match the explosion he describes hearing in his testimony.

His testimony can be heard here:

The Elephant In The Room:Kevin McPadden, 9/11-1st Responder


We also have to remember that NIST said:

"No blast sounds where heard on the audio tracks of video recordings
during the collapse of wtc 7 or reported by eyewitnesses"

Now this statement that NIST made has to be very important because it is the elephant in the room
the statement itself is an outright lie, it contains two blatant lies and two blatant contradictions, there is ample
evidence that contradicts this claim by NIST, one would have to wonder whether NIST simply did not look for any
evidence that would support the claim that wtc 7 was bought down via a controlled demolition or whether they just simply
knew the evidence was their and choose to ignore it either way this proves that NIST is guilty of gross incompitence.

It still just amazes me how people simply choose to ignore the evidence, even though it is available, and simply choose
to pretend like it doesnt matter whether or not NIST lied or whether they are guilty or not, why does it seem that so very few people
seem to care? When in light there is ample evidence which proves the guilt of NIST investigators without a shadow of the doubt we
have enough available evidence to obtain a conviction against people's of the likes of Shiam Sunder and John Gross of NIST and
demand a re investigation of wtc 7 and a complete and thorough investigation of 911 as a whole.

This doesnt even cover half of the available evidence there are things like NIST lying about the shear studs in wtc 7
they ignored the fact that there where shear studs securing the beam to the floor every 1 to 2 ft in wtc 7 they didnt take
into consideration the effects the shear studs would have on the thermal explansion of the beam attached to critical column
no 79 which NIST says failed and walked off it seating by moving laterally.

So how NIST do you explain the FACT that shear studs on the critical floor beam attached to column no 79 would severly
effect the floor columns ability to thermally expand and deflect downwards under heat? How do you explain the FACT that the shear studs
on the critical floor beam would severly restrain the floor beam from moving laterally and walking off it seating attached to column
no 79?

I find it highly unlikely given the FACT that there where numerous shear studs attaching the floor beam to floor panning above that
floor beam attached to column no 79 could 1.) deflect downwards and bow enough to break itself from all the shear studs attaching itself
the floor above and no 2.) also the floor beam attached to 79 would need to break all the shear studs in order for it to just simply walk off
it's seat leaving column no 79 standing without any support for 8 floors.

But in the end the FACTS dont really matter because in reality it seems that nobody gives a flying f**k about the evidence the truth or what
really happened on 9/11 no not really enough for someone to actaully pull their finger out of their ass and issue arrest warrants or order that
a new investigation be conducted excuse my language, no matter how compeliing some of th evidence may be sometimes i think are we all just really wasting our time are we actually ever going to get anywhere with the countless hours we have spent researching and sweating over the issue.

But no matter the FACTS because it is a fact that NIST has lied and distorted the truth to cover up a greater criminal agenda and has deliberatly
lied in order to distort the truth and sell the public a lie a distortion a half baked farce, simply putting it NIST told the public what they wanted
to hear and what the perpetrators wanted the public to hear, who in their right mind would want to hear NIST conclude that the government was responsible for blowing up on of the wtc buildings this would cause mass panic on an epic scale and would cause world wide concern which would
lead to an inevitable criminal investigation which is exactly what the perps do not want, the sad truth is we have all been sold a lie we have only been told what they wanted us to hear, they have not told us what really happened, and NIST participated in helping cover up this mass criminal conspiracy and that makes them guilty and that means that they must be held responsible and charged and prosecuted no matter the cost.

Cheers take care Paul

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post May 2 2011, 06:03 AM
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STbD9XMCOhoSo how do you explain this video Mr Dee Bunkah? Answer: You fucken dont you loose it is obvious what happened to wtc 7.Pity me i would hate to be a loosing brain dead duh bunker piece of shit.There is no more mystery left nor any debating we win game over.FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL FAIL YOU FAIL laughing1.gif rolleyes.gif rolleyes.gif
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