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American And United Airlines, Two Prime Examples Of My Points, that I was trying to put forth in prior posts

post Sep 8 2012, 03:19 PM
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I strongly suspect that at least three of the flights that were the focus of the events of 9/11, and possibly all four, never existed to begin with.

Now, if 9/11 was an inside governmental conspiracy, then how could the government possibly attribute the 9/11 strikes to planes and flights that never existed without the criminal conspiratorial cooperation of the airline companies that allegedly operated those flights, airlines that, at one time, were sterling bastions of the prestigious corporate world?

OK, I admit that I have no proof that the regularly scheduled flights of 9/11 did not exist, but the fact that American Airlines, United Airlines, insurance companies and other defendants put billions of dollars into a settlement pool for Larry Silverstein with absolutely NO proper investigation of the events of 9/11 certainly does not pass any smell test, especially when that settlement pool was well in excess of the appraised value of $3.2Bil for the World Trade Center as it existed prior to 9/11.

At this time, I'd like to point out that American Airlines and United Airlines both sport tag lines like, "We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer by choice."

In a prior post entitled: "Why There's So Much Dishonesty In Gov't (and In The Private Sector, Too)" at http://pilotsfor911truth.org/forum/index.php?showtopic=22122 I presented the sociological/psychological dynamics of "equality" that allow only inferior individuals to ascend the managerial ranks of organizations, that inferiority being most notably marked by dishonesty, stupidity, insanity, or any combination of these three attributes.

Once inferior managers start making headway into managerial ranks, they create a draw, a draw that elevates other inferior ones into the managerial ranks to succeed them until eventually there is nothing but inferior managers infesting the whole management hierarchy of an organization from top to bottom.

While this phenomenon was taking place in the private sector, a parallel process had been going on in the public sector as well.

The next thing to happen is that high-ranking dishonest ones in the private sector easily EASILY find their counterparts in the public sector, and then they all join forces in dirty dealings to screw the population, this very commonly accomplished via bribery or pre-paid bribery, aka "campaign contributions," aka "the buying of government lock stock and barrel" by the worst possible ilk.

Ahhhhh, the wonder, the glory, the majesty of "equality."

Getting back to United Airlines: it really thinned out the ranks of its maintenance workers by farming out heavy duty aircraft maintenance to China. Think about it! Every big company that stabbed black and white workers in the back equally by offshoring jobs claims to be an equal opportunity employer.

Look at Microsoft, one of many heavy utilizers of the H1B1 visa program whereby they brought in armies of East Indian technical workers to displace and replace American workers.

You know, under the H1B1 visa program, employers have to pay the prevailing rate of wages to their foreign workers, but when these employers imported ungodly numbers of foreign workers, they increased the supply of such workers THEREBY DRIVING DOWN THE PREVAILING WAGE. Tricky, huh, but what would you expect from an equal opportunity employer where management is marked by dishonesty, stupidity, and insanity? What else would you expect from a government which goes along with such things by passing the H1B1 visa program at the behest of dishonest, greedy employers?

I hoped it did not escape your attention, but the labor savings noted above by running down the prevailing wage GOES RIGHT INTO THE POCKETS OF THE TOP ONE PERCENTERS against whom the Occupy Wall Street crowd is protesting. In other words, you are seeing the mechanism of "equality" at work that is downwardly equalizing the wages of America while at the same time stripping away the vast wealth of the middle class and putting it right into the pockets of the minority upper class. This is totally antithetical to the representations which were made by the boosters of the equal employment legislation prior to its becoming law decades ago.

So there you have it! It certainly looks like the equal opportunity employers America Airlines and United Airlines were in cahoots with the government one way or another to facilitate the government's unholy 9/11 objectives which brings me right back to the point I attempted to stress in other posts which is:


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post Sep 10 2012, 09:51 AM
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I've copied and pasted the following statement from the Latest News webpage of the Pilots for 9/11 Truth website at http://pilotsfor911truth.org/latestnews.html:
Recently, the Flight Data Recorder information claimed to be from American 77 (AA77, Pentagon) and United 93 (UA93, Shanksville, PA) has been released to the public via the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA). Mainstream Media (and some alternative media) has not reported even the release of this information for such a high profile event. Why? It is interesting to note, CNN has reported an animation made by an independent researcher regarding the events at the Pentagon. The animation supports the government story of an aircraft impact with the pentagon. However, it is not based on any flight data.

To the administrators and followers of this website and forum, I issue the following challenge: check out the employment offices, want ads, and websites of the major and second-tier news organizations about which you verbalize your grievances: e.g. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, Microsoft's MSNBC, Time-Warner, Hearst Publications, Gannett, The New York Times Company, The Washington Post, plus the lesser organizations. Don't they ALL make written representations of their commitment to equal employment opportunity?

I'd like to think that you are discerning some kind of trend... some kind of connection... some kind of correlation, here.

Do you now wonder why the tag line to my post, "1000+ Governmental Accomplices To 9/11? Sure, Why Not?" was "and far more from the news media?"

You know, big time corporations, in the past, used to shun the employment of certain now-protected demographic groups. In contrast, today's corporations actually embrace these protected groups and actively recruit them as workers while crowing about the corporations' being progressive, socially upstanding and responsible (yeah, right).

WHY??? Why the change? Why the flip-flop in policy?

Well, there have been major changes in the personality profile, scruples and ethics of corporate leadership over the decades. (See the original post.)

The previously shunned pariahs are now welcomed into the fold of companies for two primary reasons: first, they are being used as pawns in the downward equalization of wages to the perceived value of the least preferred job candidate with cost savings going into the pockets of the corporate head honchos; and secondly (and probably more importantly), the past pariahs are now perceived to be good accomplices in whatever less-than-honorable capers management wishes to pull off.

Now, I will get very irreverent and very politically incorrect by raising issue with the current business establishment's relationship with the disabled and with the American's With Disabilities Act as it pertains to employment by posting an older Internet essay of mine:

Subject heading: Walgreen's Hiring of the Disabled Is NOT Wonderful NOR Upstanding

There was a recent news piece about how drug store giant Walgreens employs the disabled at one of its mega distribution centers. A full FORTY percent of the workers at this site are disabled and include those with mental retardation, Downs Syndrome, autism, etc.

(See http://abcnews.go.com/WN/story?id=4272981&page=1 )

Why, the human resources recruiter there has, herself, cerebral palsy. Now, may God forgive me, but this woman had it really bad. Her mouth was distorted, and so was her speech with her facial expression and body language going way off kilter and all over the map. I confess that I'd have great discomfort and difficulty dealing with her person-to-person.


What they are doing is what computer giant IBM is doing when it actively targets homosexuals as prospective workers to program its computers.


These major employers are out to DOWNWARDLY EQUALIZE WAGES.

Now, what do I mean by that?

Employers do NOT want to pay White wages to blacks. They are employing every tactic known to man to drag down what White workers would normally command in a free labor market to what black workers would command (and I mean "command" in the absence of even the minimum wage law).

Actually, the equalization process is even *worse* than this; I'll present a more refined statement about it below.

Come on people! What would you call it when ultra-cheap, cheap employers conduct an open-house job fair for homeless people at a soup kitchen, no less? They are really scraping the bottom of the barrel for people who might be willing (or desperate enough) to work for niggardly wages. Most homeless people are unemployable due to mental conditions, but this doesn't deter employers in their relentless march - or should I say, "relentless pounding, pounding down of wages" - to downwardly equalize all workers' wages.

Today's "socially hip" employer is not "hip" at all!

Today's "socially hip" employer is not an altruistic champion of the downtrodden underdogs and underclasses.

Today's "socially hip" employer is, in truth, a dishonest, conscienceless, ruthless exploiter of homos, the disabled, the mentally defective, the blacks, and even the fatsos!

What a laugh it is when demographic groups such as the homos and dykes dance in the streets during their "pride" parades thinking that they are making social headway by being courted by and integrated into the likes of IBM.

You, homo jerks! You are being exploited. You are being played! You are being played for fools and as pawns in the downward wage equalization campaign of the ultra-phony, ultra-fraudulent IBM!

(Footnote: IBM, not so long ago, was reported to be hiring 10,000 computer programmers IN INDIA! IN ONE YEAR!! Now, if hiring cheap, cheap Indians is not the smoking gun of downward wage equalization, I don't know what is. BTW, if you haven't discerned it by now, employers are sacrificing quality of worker for their highest priority which is cheapness of worker.)

Now for the brutal reality - my refined statement of analysis of the downward equalization of wages... under equal employment opportunity and the equal pay laws, wages will be downwardly equalized to the perceived value of the *least* preferred job candidate per the perception of value of the *lowest* bidding employer for *his* concept of least preferred job candidate... EVEN IF THE "IMAGINED" LEAST PREFERRED JOB CANDIDATE NEVER GETS EMPLOYED BY ANYBODY OR DOESN'T EVEN REALLY EXIST!!!

******* end of included essay ******

I hope that you have concluded from the little case study of Walgreen's above that the equal opportunist manager is a PHONEY, and phonies are inherently dishonest in various facets of their being. While the equal opportunity manager expects undying loyalty from his subordinates below, in return, there will come a day when that same manager will exhibit the utmost betrayal of his subordinates, for he is NOT kind, caring, empathetic, and fair as he pretends to be. No! In reality, he's quite the opposite.

BTW, having used the word "betrayal" in the above paragraph, I ask, who here feels betrayed by the events of 9/11 and their kind, caring, benevolent government which not only instituted government enforced equality but is also a staunch supporter of it?

There you have it. In conclusion I say, if you want to totally destroy your empire, all that you need do is to institute government enforced equality.

All things considered, I would not get too optimistic about obtaining 9/11 truth or justice from our current government. You will have to be very, very patient while taking to heart the sentiment of our Founding Fathers which was included in the Declaration of Independence:
That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…

P.M......P.S. A footnote: I don't know what American and United Airlines are currently doing, but in the not too distant past, if a job applicant scored too highly on their pre-employment aptitude tests, he would be rejected for employment. I probably stated it elsewhere, but when an area is marked by dishonesty, there will be an emphasis on and a fertile breeding ground for moronism; and when an area is marked by moronism, there will be an emphasis on and a fertile breeding ground for dishonesty. Amidst all of the dysfunctionality of dishonesty and moronism, there will be a fertile breeding ground for insanity. You know, grossly incompetent morons in the business world make great accomplices for dishonest managers. This is because an incompetent moron will hold on to his paycheck and job for dear life, and, to that end, he will do anything, ANYTHING that he is called upon to do... And back to the news media: a former Emmy award winning producer of WABC-TV Eyewitness News once mouthed off before me: "THERE ARE MORONS IN THIS BUSINESS... MORONS! WABC-TV, right on the air, announces its commitment to equal employment opportunity.
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post Sep 13 2012, 09:33 AM
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As a postscript to my prior follow-up post, above, I wrote:
"I don't know what American and United Airlines are currently doing, but in the not-too-distant past, if a job applicant scored too highly on their pre-employment aptitude tests, he would be rejected for employment."

Did you know that the majority of local police departments in this country utilize a standardized aptitude test for screening new police cadet applicants? That test comes with instructions that state: "If the applicant scores too highly on this test, reject him for employment."

Well, this is a natural if you consider what a local police department really is these days. It serves as the front line army for a highly corrupt local government which is run by insecure corrupt politicians who want a moat of protection from their "security blanket" army, an army that is comprised of "blind loyalists" from bottom to top.

Underlings with deficient intellect will question NOTHING, and so, in my prior follow-up post, I also stated that: "an incompetent moron will hold on to his paycheck and job for dear life, and, to that end, he will do anything, ANYTHING that he is called upon to do." Hmmmm, just what would be expected from ideal blind loyalists.

IS IT ANY WONDER THAT "BLIND LOYALIST" WAS A KEY TERM AND A CENTRAL CONCEPT IN MY EARLIER POST ENTITLED: "1000+ Governmental Accomplices To 9/11? Sure, Why Not?" in the Debate forum.

Hmmmm, "blind loyalist..." police as the "front line army..." Gee, could there possibly, possibly, be some connection between these concepts and the NYPD Commissioner's going on T.V. and crowing about the ever growing representation of minorities among his newly minted police recruits?

I was once told by a street person who was very well acquainted with the criminal justice system: "Don't ever kill a cop, because if you do, you will be hunted down to the ends of the earth. YOU WILL NOT GET AWAY WITH IT."

Well, 35 NYPD police officers and 65 Port Authority police officers were killed at the WTC on 9/11, but nobody has been hunted down to the ends of the earth to face justice (even though they seem to be "hiding in plain sight"). Does this failure of tradition have something to do with the ever changing complexion of the NYPD's demographic make-up? What do you think?

P.M.….P.S. The words "bottom to top" were used above in describing the make-up of a typical police department's hierarchy. This is because when nothing but intellectually deficient individuals come into an organization at the bottom then THAT'S ALL THAT THERE IS IN THE PIPELINE TO REACH THE VERY HEIGHTS OF MANAGEMENT. The same holds true for equal opportunity employers like American Airlines and United Airlines.
P.P.S Don't kid yourself. Local police "play ball" with the feds, meaning the F.B.I., the D.E.A., etc.
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