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George Hayduke's Book Reviews

post Oct 20 2006, 08:22 AM
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(managed to rescue this valuable thread by George Hayduke before the forum went down)

QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
I've read about 10 books on 9/11 and the crime syndicate that conducted it. I'll review each when I have the time. Meanwhile:
  • Just finished Madsen's "Jaded Tasks," which is a must-read for anybody trying to figure out the players in the crime syndicate running this country and to get an understanding of the PMCs that are the henchmen of banking and big oil interests. My advice is take notes because, as the Madsen reader knows, he drops names, organizations and companies like none other.

    Though most of the stuff in the book relates to 9/11 he deals with it directly only when discussing the death of intern Chandra Levy, who apparently got ahold of some intelligence and started talking about it in early 01.

    I've written Madsen and received feedback from him; so he is approachable if you catch him at the right time.


QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
  • Review: Crossing the Rubicon, The Fall of American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

    Mike Ruppert's book spans 600 pgs with, oh, say 100 pages of Appendix and end notes. I sort of consider it the bible of 9/11 research. It puts 9/11 into the context of a corrupt and dying economic system. Chapters such as "CIA=Wall Street," and "CIA=The Media" illuminate exactly what truthers are up against, which isn't simply a criminal government, but a broken system pushing mankind towards extinction. He doesn't discuss plane wreck sites or falling towers, just sticks with who the Neocons are what their connections are, what the means and opportunities were for 9/11 and what was the motivation, which he thinks is Peak Oil. He pins the tail on Cheney and then offers some solutions as well as some loud warnings. The book itself reads like a murder-mystery or an espionage thriller. Ruppert's convincing, and I've found he's also controversial.

    I personally like the book so much I bought the t-shirt.

    Here's Ruppert's recommended reading list: http://www.fromthewilderness.com/book_list.shtml

    Note: His site is From the Wilderness
    Note: His disciples, usually pretentious folk with Phds, normally are adament plane-huggers who recently lashed out against Alex Jones and Nico Haupt; they also tend to talk down to truthers, in my opinion
    Note: Amidst insane circumstances, Ruppert was forced out of the country and is now, so it would seem, living in Venezuela. His story makes it appear he was the victim of a sex op acting in collusion with the FBI. Spooky. Ruppert's also apparently on personal terms with the insane double agent Mike Vreeland.


  • QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
    • Review: 9/11, Synthetic Terror, Made in America

      Webster G. Tarpley assails the inconsistancies and contradictions comprising the junk heap known as "The Commission Report." He also breaks down the black op, mapping out how one would unfold using patsies, dupes, moles, cardboard cutouts, and disinformation. Tarpley puts 9/11 into context by describing a world where the dollar is the primary means of American imperialism and is in rapid decline, where the Saudi's were planning to part ways with the Bush family, and where the neocons have been staging coupes, in the technical sense of the word, at home successfully and repeatedly for years. He discusses several other false flag terror ops and brings to light other geopolitical events relevant to the 9/11 discussion, foremost being, in my opinion, the Beslan school massacre, which was planned in D.C. and carried out by CIA assets; thus setting the stage for a new Cold War vis a vis Russia, well underway and being played out in Iraq. The book also dabbles in 7/7, including the text of a couple Peter Power interviews.

      Tarpley cuts to the meat of the argument, stating in clear enough terms that the junta made 9/11 happen on purpose.

      Note: Tarpley cowrote "George Bush, the Unofficial Biography," which should be mandatory reading and explores the Bush family fortune lineage back to Nazi Germany. GBTUB also draws the historical line where Wall Street, with the intelligence community as its attack dog, took over America. A stellar read.

      Note: Tarpley's "Synthetic Terror" closely parallels LC, one seemingly backing the other up. Avid LC fans will find reaffirmation of their assumptions here.

      Note: Tarpley does not acknowledge Peak Oil, though he does acknowledge the overarching role of petropolitics in the current human condition.

      I personally was left with the feeling that the book was thrown together quickly in an attempt by Tarpley to not to be one of the last intellectuals on the bandwagon. The book is relatively short, but at times thick reading, for example when he breaks W down psychologically. I personally see this book for the person that no longer thinks the word "complicity" is strong enough to describe the junta's relationship with what went on that day, in other words, it is for those that think that 9/11 could have been entirely plotted out, planned, carried out and overseen by members of the junta, in other words a purely Aryan operation with almost no Arab/Moslem involvement.

      Tarpley may well be one of the most important historians alive.


    QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
    • Review: The Terror Timeline, ... Year by Year, Day by Day ...

      To understand the extent of the complicity of the media it is vital to see the extent to which it has covered the movements of certain alleged terrorist, the investigations blocked by the FBI, the inconsistancies and contradictions of the testimony of folks under oath speaking to the congressional investigative and "independent" 9/11 commission, its treatment of whistle blowers, and its treatment of the War on Terror.

      Paul Thompson's book is the hard copy of his Web site, http://www.cooperativeresearch.org/ and is a compilation of articles and reports related to 9/11 in mostly chronological order. The media is complicit in the coverup of 9/11 for not investigating the vast majority of leads that were apparent and that it, at best, pursued half-heartedly at times, and at time completely ignored.

      Note: Check out the chapter on the 200+ Mossad and Mossad-connected spooks-for-hire that were here around 9/11 posing as art students and movers. Check out how the FBI protected alleged Moslems extremists who came to America to buy heavy artillery, here on American soil, from convicted criminal-turned whistleblower Randy Glass. Read about how a special forces unit had UBL and Al Queda trapped on a mountaintop in Tora Bora and how they were ordered to cease fire while American military helicopters flew in and spirited UBL and his cronies to safety in Pakistan. Those special ops dudes went to the press. Immediately afterward they were ordered home to Wilmington, N.C. where five of them died one by one in murder/suicide killings, along with their wives. Read about how the FBI stifled the work of translator Sibel Edmonds who was tasked with decoding terrorist chatter and how a fellow FBI agent was working for a Turkish organized crime syndicate engaged in smuggling nukes/nuke-knowledge and when Edmonds blew the whistle she was outright fired.

      Note: The work is, as mentioned, a compilation of summaries of articles and reports and is thus fairly dry reading.

      Note: It cites tens of thousands of primary sources.

      Note: Paul Thompson needs to grow some teeth. In his speeches he asserts that the gov't was complicit in the crimes of 9/11 but in his writing he is much softer, saying that its actions merits further investigation only. Wrong Paul. Time to bring down the machine.

      Note: The book focuses mostly on the "terrorists," about whom it would appear much disinformation is in circulation.

      This book is a great resource for the researcher and would make a good gift for the person who is almost there, right on the fence, seemingly ready to come across but saying incredible stuff like, "I need more evidence from sources I can trust." It does little editorializing. For example, in a straightforward manner it reports that it was the Port Authority, not the FAA, who decided that F11 had hit the North Tower; that while FAA radar geeks were screaming that F11 was flying south over the Atlantic towards D.C., Rudolf's Port Authority called them after they had made a big enough stink and essentially said, "shut up; F11 hit the North Tower; get your radar men to get their heads around it." Thompson does not try and interpret this; he doesn't explain it. He just flatly mentions it.

      Get your copy before the second edition comes out!


    QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
    • Review: The Secret Agent (fiction)

      Tired of cramming history, names, dates, times and statistics? Ready to escape? Keep the revolution at the top of your priorities while kicking back when reading Joseph Conrad's "Secret Agent." Written roughly a century ago and set in newly industrialized Brittan, the book takes you into the murky underworld of state sponsored terrorists. Your main character, a black op-for-hire, runs a novelty shop and mingles with various dissident idealogues. The state pays him to stage a bombing to be blamed on the anarchists so it can garner support from the rabble while instituting police state measures. He succeeds, but at an incredible cost.

      Note: This book drags in the middle and gathers steam at the end. It uses words that are now largely obsolete, so keep a dictionary on hand.

      Note: Webster G. Tarpley referenced this book in his latest, "9/11: Synthetic Terror, Made in America"

      Note: Conrad ends up portraying an underworld where sincere ideologues are far more dangerous than the undercover ops mocking them. Tarpley argues otherwise.

      Personally this book isn't particularly fun, but it does paint personality onto an otherwise abstraction, the secret agent. Plus it adds credence to the argument that the false-flag terrorist act as a routine function of government is at least a century old, probably much older.


    QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
    • Review: The Man Who Warned America: The Life and Death of John O'Neill

      Digging for facts in nationalist propaganda is a task similar to finding chocolate chips in a pile of cow dung, and perhaps less rewarding. The official legend of John O'Neill is a story about an abstraction, not a man. The book immediately marginalizes him by saying he was reserved in his opinions, the quiet type. This could be true but it could also be an excuse simply not to list his opinions.

      O'Neill allegedly was the most knowledgable FBI counterterror agent on UBL and Al Queda. He spearheaded investigations into the Khobar Towers barracks bombings, the bombings of the embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, the bombing of the USS Cole and participated in the official joint FBI/CIA coverup of the bombing of TWA800. Despite severe internal and external resistance he managed to indict UBL for the Khobar Towers bombings and the bombings of the African embassies. Note that UBL was never indicted for the crimes of 9/11. John also helped spearhead the measures to prevent the millenium bombings.

      John was also a man of the night life, oftentimes staying out late nightly amidst grueling work hours. He had an incredible ability to drink til drunk and recover quickly. He needed little sleep and was a tireless zealot, pursuing leads and bad guys with indefatigable commitment.

      He also was a womanizer. With an ex-wife he maintained numerous relationships, constantly with as few as three girl friends, through a complex system that was discovered only after his death. Apparently he kept meticulous notes that he encrypted, organized, filed away and kept entirely secret until his death. According to the book, one of his girls didn't know about the others until she met them at his funeral.

      Note: O'Neill has become something of an enigma heavily investigated by truthers. Many idolize him because he appears to have been a sincere anti-terror FBI agent. In truth, we know little about the sincerity of his efforts. Perhaps he was killed for knowing to much. And perhaps he knew too much because he was on the inside.

      Note: This book was written on about an eight grade reading level.

      Personally, I wouldn't recommend buying this one if you can help it. Check it out of the library. Take notes. Return it on time. It's not worth a late fee.


    QUOTE ("George Hayduke")
    • Movie Review: Terrorstorm

      Just in time for Halloween, Terrorstorm ties together several horror stories that elucidate the nightmare world we now live in. Jones's chainsaw voice narrates as he moves us through a recent history of false flag, synthetic and state-sponsored terror operations. He then skips ahead to the London Bombings, briefly touches upon 9/11, dabbles in the Iraq occupation and closes with logical conclusions should scare the hell out of you. Orwell's 1984 is repeatedly referenced as Jones and his Prison Planet writers make Bush-supporters and the general doublethinking, newspeaking sheepish citizenry look stupid. Numerous 9/11 researchers and whistleblowers are featured including BYU Prof. Jones and Bush technocrat appointee Morgan Reynolds, Ray McGovern, Michael Meacher, and a couple renegade British spies.

      Note: Jones is the brains behind several sites, including prisonplanet.com and infowars.com. Recently he has been belittled repeatedly by fromthewilderness.com, which obviously and probably rightfully feels threatened by his ability and the impact and quality of his products.

      Note: This movie is not for the beginner, the moderate or the faint at heart. Many riding the fence may find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information contained in this flick and its harrowing implications. Jones spares no comfortable illusions and states in clear enough terms that action must be taken or the ramifications could be devastating. He's right.

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    Got aliens?

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    Review: George Bush (41), The Unofficial Biography

    Webster Tarpley's most popular work is crucial background reading for anyone trying to understand the crime syndicate running this country. The book traces the Bush family dynasty back a couple of generations, beginning with detailed focus on Prescott Bush, George Bush (43)'s grandfather.

    Prescott made a fortune before and during WWII running what was essentially a U.S.-based Nazi Party slush fund, Union Banking Corporation, which cranked dough into the coffers of Fritz Thyssen, who was a first-tier financier of Hitler. UBC's assets were confiscated in the middle of the war after a Senate hearing upholding the Trading With The Enemies Act. Prescott escaped with his rapport and most of his fortune, which he invested in a blind trust operated by William Farish III, whose father was the main manager of Standard Oil, which sponsored and opened Auswitscz and who died of a heart attack during hearings for his criminal commerce with the Nazis.

    Prescott, who once led a group onto a military base to loot Geronimo's grave, taking the skull to mount it on the wall of the headquarters of his fraternity, the Skull and Bones, went on to become a Senator representing Connecticut.

    George Bush (41) was born into a family already deeply rooted in the Wall Street and banking system propping up the American economy and the government. The Bush family helped establish the private Floridian island, Jupiter Island, where key figures from America's national security apparatus resided, which became the home base of a shadow government that Bush (41) eventually owned.

    Bush (41) is credited with inventing the "wedge issue," which he tried to employ on his rise to power. He never once outright won a contested office, resorting instead to defeating straw-men candidates, cardboard cutouts. He was a Kissinger minion, that set up Nixon, covered up the folks who financed the plumbers and perhaps authorized the assassination of at least one politico that could have saved Nixon. He backed Mao and the supreme Maoists in China as America's unoffical ambassador there; he directly facilitated genocide in Cambodia, the manifestation of his deeply-held and Kissingerian-fed racist views. He became the Director of the CIA shortly before making a run for the presidency. It is at about this time that the Wall Street-Intelligence/Military-Industry Complex rose to the helm of America, taking supreme control over global affairs.

    Bush (41) was responsible for the October Surprise that put Reagan in office. Shortly thereafter his patsy/dupe John Hinkley, who was scheduled to dine with the a Bush family member that week, attempted to assassinate Reagan with a small handgun. Reagan, a second-rate actor and former PR mouthpiece for General Electric, a major player in the military-industry complex at the time, never truly recovered and Bush ran America de facto henceforth. Bush (41) also brought us Iran Contra, which put tons of cocaine and crack on the streets of America and into the hands and minds of American children via CIA-run drug-houses that channeled money into HUD to be laundered and to fund brutal black ops around the world. He essentially gave us the Iran/Iraq war, which was the result of cooked CIA intelligence being leaked to the Saudis to the Iraqis to foment a war inspiring both Iraq and Iran to sell oil hand over fist to buy weapons, and thus driving down global oil prices. He also brought us the first American Empire v. Iraq war, no less founded on lies than the second one.

    Bush (41) was no less mentally ill than his son Bush (43) and it is believe that Bush (41) suffered from both an overactive thyroid and turrets syndrome. Like father, like son.

    Note: Tarpley's most recent book, "9/11: Synthetic Terror" pegs 9/11 on a shadow government with direct ties to the same shadow government run by Bush (41) during the Reagan administration and beyond namely because many of the same people comprise both governments (Noriega, Reich, Armitage, Perle, Rumsfeld, Cheney, et al.)

    Note: This book contains tens of thousands of citations, is incredibly well-researched, and gets a nod from Michael Ruppert in his move "The Truth and Lies of 9/11."

    Note: This book is meaty, but is a fun read.

    9/11 didn't occur in a vacuum. It is the product of decades of corruption, of a very sick system that must be repaired if the human species is to not go extinct. Tarpley's Bush biography sheds light on the skeletal structure of the very American part of that system.

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    Library-linked (under "reviews")

    I KNEW I included that topic for a reason !
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    Got aliens?

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    Thanx for pulling my goods out of the house fire, bro! I owe ya.
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