here are some podcast shows, each with multiple episodes, which i recommend checking out: (the-mccullough-report) (the-covexit-com-podcast) (the-dr-ardis-show) (rfk-jr-the-defender-podcast) (the-patrick-coffin-show-interviews) (conservative-review-with-daniel-horowitz)

note, you can listen to them directly on your pc, or if you have an iphone, use the search function of the apple podcast app to find them.

ps, if there is one overall episode that provides the best quick summary of covid reality, i would most recommend this one (though it is two months old):

-the above show also dabbles directly in 9/11 discussion, but it endorses certain views, some of which i disagree with, so i excluded it from the previous list of covid shows.


for VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) data, you can go to the actual gov site and see
if you can figure out how to retrieve specific data (not a simple feat unless you are at least proficient at ms excel):

or you can go here which allows browsing and searching of the VAERS data reports without the need to compose an advanced search:

Through November 5, 2021:
  • 875,651 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports
  • 18,461 COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 27,543 Total Reported Deaths
  • 91,982 Total COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/171,697 Total Reported Hospitalizations