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Ron Paul: A Republic If We Can Keep It

It now lives on Let me know if you think it's hard to find or you have any improvements or suggestions.

Here it is on Google, Chuck

Ron Paul: A Republic..If We Can Keep It.

Ron Paul: A Republic..If We Can Keep It.
1 hr 13 min 7 sec - Dec 29, 2007

        Ron Paul, perhaps a final warning to apathetic Americans that Our forgotten legacy of a Republic is at risk. Our Liberties and our Currency ... all are collapsing.

Learn the elemental difference between a Democracy and a Republic. A precise, clear film about what's at risk; why, and the urgent demand for action.

History, it would seem, is about ready to repeat itself, with yet another doomed Empire that simply over-extended and economically collapsed from within. Similarly evident to all from the outside, but completely obscured to the citizenry who are about to perish. The Romans call to America from their graves............WAKE UP
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