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Full Version: Analysis Of The Flt 175 Entry Damage?
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I have spent some time watching the videos of what is supposedly Flt 175 hitting the WTC-2 tower. It seems to me that an expert (I am not) could look at the photos and videos of the gaping gash left at the 80th floor level and determine pretty accurately what the length of the gash is from end to end. But to my eye, it looks like the gash extends about 70% of the width of that (the impact) side of the building. I believe there were 287 outer steel box columns. So that is 71 columns per side. 70% of that would be 50....about *50* columns had to be fully breached to leave a hole that long! Does anyone have the numbers on just how thick the outer columns were at the 80th floor....I am sure they started out very thick at the base of the building and got progressively thinner going up, just as the core columns did.
The wingspan of a Boeing 767 is 157 ft. How does this compare with the width of the gash? If the length of the gash is about the same as the wingspan, in a way it seems to confirm that it was a 767....but it would mean that the *entire* length of the wings penetrated, even to the relatively light/fragile ends. Indeed, the impact videos seem to show the entire aircraft structure just melting into the building as if all the columns had turned to butter. No sign of wings folding, nor do you see the nose crumple. Even given a speed of 600 MPH, how could this happen? At the very least I would think that the outer portions of the wings and parts of the stab and rudder would not have penetrated, being comparatively light structures. We should have seen pieces of the smashed/crumpled wing---at the very least----falling to the ground outside the tower...but we don't, and I know of no report that crushed wing or empennage parts were found at the base of the tower. Its' the same situation with Flt 11 's impact on the N. Tower. Imagine a Formula 1 racer hitting a concrete barrier at 150 MPH head-on.... but instead of crumpling, it just vanishes inside the barrier. It seems to defy the laws of physics.
I am sorry to say that I saw these videos for four years many times, and did not see anything suspicious during those four years.....while the smart ones, like John Lear and Jim Fetzer were "on to it" right from the beginning.
Carl Bank
Hi and welcome to Pilots for 9/11 Truth!

Have a look at the Alternative Theories Forum and look for
the threads about "No Plane Theories (aka NPT)", "Video Fakery"
and "TV Fakery". It is a quite controversal topic for several reasons.

You can make your start in this thread.

I read the thread referred to, looks like the bottom line is that anything that tends to support the NPT is best "left alone". I don't believe the NPT myself, I just have doubts that it was really Flt. 175. It is significant that I see no columns bent outward, but some columns are noticeably bent inward. My numbers were I found out after browsing through the site. There were 244 perimeter columns, each spaced 13.33 ft apart. There are undoubtedly experts who have already studied the evidence of the S. tower impact hole...just need to find it. Regards to all!
It was NOT Flight 175.

It was a look-alike drone.

In every aluminum v. steel encounter that I have witnessed, steel wins every single time.
QUOTE (amazed! @ Apr 25 2008, 07:59 PM) *
In every aluminum v. steel encounter that I have witnessed, steel wins every single time.

Really amazed? And to think- all these years I've been using aluminum drill bits to drill holes in steel... rolleyes.gif [/sarcasm ;) ]

Now where can I buy that super-duper aluminum pocket knife? pilotfly.gif
Carl Bank
@ dmole & amazed:

this is the research forum for UA175, not "debate", nor "alt. Theories".

Maybe I need to clarify.

I was actually agreeing with amazed! (in a tongue-in-cheek, metallurgical fashion). I don't think that aluminum drill bits even exist- I've never seen one in decades of metalworking, and this fact kind of proves amazed's point, I think. Bits and machine tools are generally made of High Speed Steel (HSS), carbide, or cobalt steel alloys, sometimes with a shiny titanium nitride coating.

Humor, not harm, was intended here.
I caught the humor DMole. rolleyes.gif

I'm wondering if sometimes humor is too off topic?
These photos might be helpful at German Engineers Help the USA

If you look at the photos in this site (I've seen them available elsewhere, also) you must question the entry of an actual aircraft.
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