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Domenick DiMaggio CIT


i'll have the whole thing up in a couple weeks.
QUOTE (Domenick DiMaggio CIT @ Oct 5 2008, 12:25 AM) *


i'll have the whole thing up in a couple weeks.

Great teaser! Something strange is going on!

Please tell me you showed her example pictures of white jet planes with "eyeballs" or engines on the back? Say like an...A10 II Thunderbolt Observation/Attack Jet[flyaway] pilotfly.gif

This conjures up images of a jet with large eyes on the back:
spinstar.gif spinstar.gif handsdown.gif
Domenick DiMaggio CIT
this interview is very different than others.

i met viola on the anniversary and she truly is one of the most beautiful human beings i have ever met in my life. she has left such an amazing impression on me in the 5 hours i have spent with her that i almost feel a family like bond. me and my wife felt like she was family we had known for years......

but when i first talked to her she wasn't too keen on the idea of doing this. it was the anniversary of the attack and that stirred many feelings up in her and then me showing up out of the blue to ask her about at first she declined and then i asked if i could ask her something about it off the record and a 2 hour conversation was started. when it was done she said if i wanted to do something real informal like that she would be willing to participate. she was concerned that it was going to feel like an interrogation i believe. but she had saw susan's interview and she knew that i would release her story as is and thats another reason she felt comfortable with it.

she lived at the time about 4.5-5 miles north of the crash site so it will be interesting to see if the fdr matches her account of the plane being treetop level over her house in lambertsville and the phone call from the stoystown auto wreckers guys saying it had clipped the top of their trees near the junkyard there.

she saw the 2 white planes several minutes after the attack and the little one is several miles away. it's a great interview that you'll enjoy but it isn't as in depth perhaps as susan or wally's. her accounts does corroborate other accounts from witnesses much closer to both planes who give more in depth details about them such as susan mcelwain and bob blair.

her account was also documented by the national park services for the memorial. now i know they are not going to include all the eyewitnesses because there is no way they're going to allow susan mcelwain's account up. i'm curious does anyone know if copies of those interviews would be covered under an foia request? there has to be hundreds of hours of accounts documented by the park services and we can easily prove they are withholding them if these are subject to such a request and they withhold susan mcelwains known documented account......

i hope to have it up this weekend.
Thankyou Dom.
Looks like an interesting interview. I have never heard the plane being desciribed as having 'eyeballs' before.
Carl Bank
QUOTE (georgie101 @ Oct 7 2008, 11:08 AM) *
Thankyou Dom.
Looks like an interesting interview. I have never heard the plane being desciribed as having 'eyeballs' before.

I guess that eyeball comparism works together with Susans McElvein's description of
the A-10 Thunderbold, she described very detailed

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