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Full Version: Evidence Of Explosives Hurling North Tower 4 Ton
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The Pulverized Office Contents, The Pulverized Human Remains, and
The Steel Outer Wall Units land up to 600 feet from the base of the Tower.

Original image

Pressure was applied outward in all directions, at all levels.
The 'Point of Origin' of this pressure wave is evident.
Photographs and videos.
The 'Point of Origin' is in the CENTER OF THE CORE.

A loyal WTC firefighter victim family member presents conclusive evidence that explosives blew 4-ton exterior wall sections 600 feet away from the North Tower to land upon the glass roof of the Winter Gardens building.

C.S.I. 9/11 by Josef Princiotta

Josef Princiotta Cousin of Firefighter Vincent Princiotta, FDNY, Ladder Company 7, Manhattan, lost in the collapse of the WTC South Tower.

In memory of:

Vincent Princiotta F.D.N.Y.
Engine 16, Ladder 7
Killed on 9/11/01

Sal J. Princiotta F.D.N.Y.
Engine 33, Ladder 9
Killed on 5/1/07

Original image

The roof damage to the Winter Gardens is 600 feet from the base of the tower.
Original image

The 4-Ton steel Outer Wall Units from the Sky Lobby level
had 8 seconds to travel the 600 ft.
These 4-Ton Units exited the North Tower at near 55 MPH.
Original image

Some force was strong enough to accelerate hundreds of 4-ton steel Outer Wall Units from 0 to over 50 MPH in 0.09 sec. and eject the material over 500 ft. out over Lower Manhattan.

This brief force was present, pushing in all directions, for an average time period of-
Approximately 0.09 sec. on each floor. Every floor. 110 floors.

REMARKABLY This Same Force Pattern was present in The South Tower/Marriott

The Same Force was present at The Same Floor Levels and with The Same Results.
The same pressure wave evidence in both North and South towers.
From the same floor levels, the same wall sections are blown the same distances.
C.S.I. 9/11
Josef Princiotta Cousin of Firefighter Vincent Princiotta, FDNY, Ladder Company 7, Manhattan, lost in the collapse of the WTC South Tower.

Statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition:

"I am very deeply interested in learning the details and the truth of the Crime of 9/11. I approach it as a crime scene investigation

I live in Anchorage, Alaska. I am a Grass Root Contact for . I support NO conspiracy theory. I examine the evidence. I do the math.

I focus only on the irrefutable evidence, the weights and measures and the math and physics of the three towers destruction. "There were pre-planted explosives in all three towers."

C.S.I. 9/11 by Josef Princiotta

I give a presentation of this evidence here in Anchorage every Tuesday evening 7:00 PM. I call it C.S.I. 9/11. Here is a flyer:

Original image

We want a full examination of all the evidence by a new 9/11 Commission, in a World Court setting. The evidence warrants it. The victims demand it."
Bruce Sinclair
Well done! More scientific evidence to demonstrate the use of explosives...
Very good work indeed! cheers.gif
Thanks SP. My research indicates that the perimeter panels got progressively heavier going down the Tower levels (8,000 lbs. might be a minimum):

Wtc 1,2, & 7 Building Descriptions post #5:

Question about structural beams, and columns [hi parky wink.gif ] post #42:

And the whole "Projection Of Steel And Concrete..." thread at:

I used WTC7's 45th floor damage and the 300 ton "chunk" (per FEMA) stuck in World Financial Center #3 (AmEx Bldg.) in my analysis rather than the Winter Garden very nearby, but my results looked pretty consistent with the above. The author there might want to take a look at the threads above (there may be some work already done for him). Our visiting trolls have already admitted that they are incapable of explaining the horizontal "debris" velocities (although I've seen a "snapping matchstick explanation" a few months ago in Debate). There is also some good thermal and steel information in those threads too.

Just don't touch column #79. rolleyes.gif
Yes, if you can ever get an OCT fan to have a rational discussion, when it gets to the point of this horizontal displacement they all hit the proverbial wall and cannot go on. That is when the Cognitive Dissonance really becomes apparent.
Damning evidence of demolition

North Tower Exploding

A clip of the North Tower shows abundant evidence of explosive demolition that is not adequately explained by the official narrative.
by David S Chandler - Physics - Mathematics Educator - BS - Physics (IPS); MS - Mathematics

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