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Full Version: Fake 9/11 Hijacker Laughs His Way To Marytdom
Pilots For 9/11 Truth Forum > Location > Shanksville, PA
Domenick DiMaggio CIT
looks like an actor reading a script taking direction from a director.....oh wait that is exactly what they showed us.

ziad jarrah was not a real hijacker. this is just further proof.

jihadists don't laugh their way through martydom videos. actors who don't take their script seriously do though.


here's the 2nd part of one of the very first vids i ever made which was about the 4 alleged hijackers of flight 93 :

C'mon Don, you'd laugh your ass off! The actor/patsy was probably thinking, "Man, nobody is ever going to believe this!"
His parents sure didn't!
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