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Full Version: Ios, Nugan Hand, Deak-perrera
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do you remember these sluices for "black" funds?

and was AIG a consolidator for the latter day versions of that "black"money?

and when AIG went down, taking down all the spook cash, is that why we had to resuscitate it?

to make the spook pension plans whole?
I read a book about Nugan-Hand years ago. The others I'm not familiar with.

This demonstrates why the government will NEVER let the drug laws be repealed.
QUOTE (amazed! @ Dec 8 2008, 01:35 PM) *
I read a book about Nugan-Hand years ago. The others I'm not familiar with.

This demonstrates why the government will NEVER let the drug laws be repealed.
something didn't happen.

ios = investors overseas services[bernie cornfeld's money laundry]. covered by bernie's hiring jimmy roosevelt. later taken over, then looted, by bobby vesco[rogue spook, i think].

as was the case with the nugan-hand bank, i recall that the majority of the investors in ios were american vietnam era military[officer class principally] who had their paychecks invested in ios.

nugan hand bank you seem to know. it also functioned as a heroin trafficking laundry. when the spotlight began to be shined on this entity, one of the principals, frank nugan, was reported to have committed suicide. it was a strange form of self-inflicted murder. a shot gun blast to the midsection while nugan was sitting in his car[there wasn't enough room for a shotgun].

when nugan's body was examined, i seem to recall he had a business card from william colby. at the time, dci, i think.

when nugan hand bank was founded, colby was running the phoenix program in seasia.

you will recall that colby exited this world in a very strange canoe accident.

deak-perrera is the most interesting story. deak and perrera were cia. founded this cambio. at one time,virtually all currency exchanges in the western hemisphere were handled by d-p.

i am certain that d-p was an outfit proprietary.

its hq was in panama.

it was a drug money laundry.

as you should know, when fidel established the cuban garrison state after he threw out the mob/cia[the heroin traffickers], the mob/cia moved its trafficking entrepot for the western hemisphere to panama.

at some point, the bushits/the outfit had to exfiltrate those records from panama. so the invasion of panama was initiated. that was what that bit of invasion was all about.

any clearer to you?
I meant to bring up BCCI and the Bushit/Clintonista, SE asia nexus earlier- that "tentacle" has popped up in several areas of my research over the years. Perhaps is is just a "coincidence" though...

I was never there firsthand, but several of my friends and acquaintances were there, for primarily military reasons, so I'll defer to those that were physically there. I will say that little of that "Asian" business was what Kissinger, the MIIM/MIIC media, and "history" convoluted it into being here in Amerika though. Col Ollie, "Wild Bill" Donovan, and one Ted Shackley were likely players too here IMHO.

EDIT: On Ted:
QUOTE (albertchampion @ Dec 10 2008, 08:30 PM) *
something didn't happen.

Do you mean on quoting amazed, or something rather more cryptic, albert?

The staff has ways "of making that fix" if you would like. (I believe that you can also edit your own post and [quote] "amazed quote" [ / quote] but no spaces in the "/tag" ), but many boards have an edit "timeout." Our software has been updated once or twice while I've been here, but let me know if you want an assist on the "something" above.
Why is it that so many of these topics eventually get down to the narcotics? I finally found a publicly verifiable source on some of my previously "private" information.

Heroin Smuggled in Body Bags of GIs Reported by Military Eye Witness

That very good page leads to former DEA agent Michael Levine's website and archive. I think they are all worth a look.
I was a 22 year old 1Lt in the US Army when I became aware that the CIA was in the dope business.

Thus, everything else has been downhill, relatively speaking.

The drug prohibition is essential to the financial success, and more, for the Agency.
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