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Full Version: Descent rate
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Goodafternoon everyone,

I think theres a problem of credibility of the GOV version of events regarding UA 175.

It seems that an ATC reported 175 doing a power dive at 10.000ft per minute which way beyond human capabilities to sustain.

I'd like to know what the equivilant G-force is for 10.000ft per minute from 30.000ft and is it at all posible for people to sustain this G-force pressure without passing out?

If the people and so-called piolots were passed out who flew the the planes?

Also Lt Col. Dawn Deskins from NEADs stated that they (FAA) were still tracking flight 11 after the initial impact.

Why did Duff and Nasty state they were still looking for flight 11 over JFK after 175 already impacted?

And why did the media CBS2 state that it was 77 that impacted the south tower 12 hours after the fact?

GOD Bless,

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)
rob balsamo
Are you the same Paul Isaac Jr. who has been banned from Loose Change Forums and named specifically in the board rules?

Next.. a 10,000 fpm descent rate doesnt cause any G effect on a human until you pull out of that dive. If it were smooth, the G's may not be anything excessive. But that would beg the question of who were the pilots if it were smooth as to not bend the airplane. Humans can take more G's than a 767. We still have to research UA175 and AA11. We're getting there...
Yes, I am one and the same.

Tell me, did anyone consider looking at both sides of the story before taking the same censorship tactics as the LC crew?

Did anyonje qualify them as THE AUTHORITY on who to ignore. I can asure you that you are not aware of the whole story about the differences between Looscahne and myself or you wouldn't have fell for their disinformation trap.

The reason which continues to this very day there was hostilities between us is because of the research which was taken under false pretensec and never given proper credit.

The Keyspan maspeth Holder Tank Demolition was my research not theirs. They still to this day haven't given proper credit. This implies the need to properlyu investigate everyone involved in the so-called truth promotion and the people involved in 9-11.

If we allow ourselves to manipulated by others so easily, people who knowingly admit to promoting disimformation like Korey Rowe did on smith magazine then how do we determine what is the truth?

the problem with your theory on passengers not being affected by the sudden desent is the rollercoast effect. If you have ever taken the dip from the first drop on a rollercoaster you'll see the the drop pulls you back.

Now, I'm not a mathmatician or scientist but I know that if a little drop from the rollercoaster has that type of effect at that speed, I can not believe that dropping at 10.000per munite is survivorable.

I cannot believe that neither the passengers nor pilots could have resisted blacking out from the sheer force pushed against them. People cannot survive the drop and decreased speed to pin point the south tower.


Theres the question of the navigator lights which seem not to be visable.

If Egypt Air 990 performed the same virtical desent and fell apart crashing into the sea after power diving from 30.000ft how did all the flights on 9-11 survive?

rob balsamo
QUOTE (Sentinel @ Oct 5 2006, 03:42 PM)
Now, I'm not a mathmatician or scientist but I know that if a little drop from the rollercoaster has that type of effect at that speed, I can not believe that dropping at 10.000per munite is survivorable.

You need to learn about change in acceleration ie. G Forces.

A constant 10,000 fpm descent without change will have no effect on any human. Start or stop a 10,000 fpm climb/descent in less than one second and i agree it will be very uncomfortable for that one second until the climb or descent becomes established. (also, we are talking about pressurized aircraft here).

A rollercoaster doesnt push you "back" as it dips. The rollercoaster "drops out" from under you as it dips and gives you the feeling of free fall for a brief moment.
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