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Full Version: Who Was The Male In Flight 93's Cockpit Seat?
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This is the weird story of Anthony Mazza who fueled United 93 before departure

My take is that United 93 was duplicated and that Dahl and Homer were sitting in another plane than the one fueled by Mazza. But I'm open for better explanations.
Just for reference - a physical description of Jason Dahl:


Jason Dahl learned how to fly before he learned how to drive a car. Relatives say from the time Dahl could talk, all he wanted to do was fly.
At 13, the San Jose, Calif., native joined the Civil Air Patrol and earned a scholarship for flying lessons. He was flying solo before he was 16, and while working at the municipal airport he did his best to wrangle flight time, including flying photographers over the area.
Immediately following his graduation from San Jose State University in 1980 with a degree in aeronautical engineering, he became a corporate pilot. By 1984, he was a pilot with United Airlines.

Popular with his fellow pilots, Dahl endured good-natured teasing about his height -- he stood a shade under 5 feet, 6 inches. He and another pilot used to stand on tiptoe for photos to make themselves appear taller.

Flying was Dahl's love but family was his life. He rose rapidly through United's pilot ranks, and in 1993 became a "standards" pilot for training and testing other pilots.

At least one other passenger on Flight 93 was also a very experienced pilot.

Don Greene Ė Passenger / Flight 93

(Greene is the one on the left)

Claudette Greene never heard from her husband at all that morning and she thinks she knows why.

Claudette Greene, Don Greene's wife: Iíve never actually missed the fact that he didnít call. I think he was busy. Iím convinced he was very busy, he didnít have time to make the call.

Don Greene may have been the answer to the ultimate question: If the pilot and co-pilot were dead... what would the passengers have done after they overpowered the hijackers?

An executive in the aviation business, Don Greene had thousands of hours in a cockpit as a private pilot. He could fly a plane before he could drive a car.

Claudette Greene: He had the knowledge to fly and land that airplane. If there was any way he could get into the cockpit and take over the airplane, I think he would have tried to do that.

Greene was also a born again wrestler. ( I swear, I'm not making this up)

Greene, another wrestler.

From then on, Grant began attending church regularly. He studied the Bible. He was convinced God wanted him to be a preacher.
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