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Full Version: What Do You See????
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A clip of the North Tower shows abundant evidence of explosive demolition that is not adequately explained by the official narrative.
QUOTE (calkid78 @ Nov 9 2009, 04:23 AM) *
A clip of the North Tower shows abundant evidence of explosive demolition that is not adequately explained by the official narrative.

What do i see you might ask certainly nothing that resembles a pancake collapse that is for sure.
What i do see are violent explosive ejections coming from the corner of the tower and two white
squibs from about ten or fifteen floors below the demolition wave notice how these white squibs
appear the same in size shape and colour and they also appear at the same time at the same
distance out from the corner of the building what a coincidince, my question is how could air
pressure be travelling ten fifteen or even twenty floors below the the so called collapse wave?

How could soo much airpressure be travelling and built up below the level of destruction to cause these violent
demolition like squibs? Is It even possible to get so much required air pressure to travel like ten fifteen twenty
floors below the the alledged collpased wave?

So if this is really a pancake collapse one must assume that pulverised concrete and debris is travelling well below
the level of destruction like ten fifteen or twenty floors and being forced downwards by the wave of collapsing debris
and being violently projected at high speed out the windows of the floors below.

Is it even possible to get so much airpressure and pulverised concrete dust to travel so far below the advancing wave of
destruction? I cant see how this is possible, but this is what duh bunkers who makes excuses for the governments official
fairy tale expect us to believe that these are no demolition charges advancing the wave of destruction, but are the result
of pulverised concrete and dust mixed in with the airpressure of the collapsing floors being driven well below the collapse wave.

What is want to know is it possible to have soo much airpressure advancing so far below the collapse wave? Is this even theoretically

I wish i had the techinical skills to do an experiment to determine if this is even possible, because if it is not possible and can be proven
not possible then those squibs we see advancing so far below the collapse wave must be the result of an explosive controlled demolition.

Surely it cant be that hard to conduct an experiment involving air pressures surely someone here could do it, but i cant.

Who wants to be a hero and have a crack at debunking the duh bunkers

What an utter load of horse s**t

And also note the top section of the building is no where to be seen, it simply isnt there it is quiet evidently clear that the top
section of the building has just dissapeared to dust, and it not acting as a pile driver destroying the low portion of the building
and if you look very closely you can see lots of small bright suspicious looking flashes and what looks like the remains of the core columns and near the corner to the right you can just see what looks like a column sticking up still standing through the smoke.

I believe in this video Mr Chandler should be focusing on what can be seen standing out about the wave of the advancing demolition
rather than just focusing on the explosive projections coming out the side of the building.

whistle.gif whistle.gif whistle.gif whistle.gif
The explosions are exploding out 7-10 floors ahead of the collapse wave on the South Tower and as the collapse wave progresses down the tower, the explosions accelerate even further ahead.

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Thats exactly right. The demolition wave LEADS the collapse
wave in both towers. And the witness' who reported this and
all the other numerous explosions got almost NO media coverage
to this day....... and were not included in the 9/11 Commission
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