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QUOTE (Fatrix @ Aug 26 2006, 12:29 AM)

Planted Evidence?
Is it just me... or do the photos 3rd & 5th from the top look artificial? Ever since I first saw them I thought that what they discribed as a 'crater' looked more like it was moulded! It looks far to 'clean' to be a crash-site to me.
Also, I have a hard time believing that these 2 photos are of the same location as the rest of them, it looks like an entirely different place.
I have always thought the photos of the Shanksville crash site looked "off"...every plane crash I have ever seen has tons of plane parts and interior fittings, etc strewn about. The Shanksville site looks almost barren--it certainly doesn't look like any crash site pictures or footage I have ever seen...I looks fake to me. And if the plane wasn't blown out of the air, how come items were found several miles away (one figure I have heard mentioned is 8 miles)?
The "crash" photos look completely faked and staged.
Hi, Quest,

Yes, they do, don't they?
From day one I figured at the very least they shot that one down. I mean, tail found miles away? hmmmmm.
And the only crash site that looks similiar to that one (with the lack of debris) that comes to mind is the Value Jet crash...and that one went into a swamp. I dont' see a swamp in this area.....
rob balsamo
USAir 427. Uncommanded rudder input.. struck the ground at almost a vertical angle at high rate of speed.

Aldo Marquis CIT
From NTSB report on USAir 427:

That's the worst set up I've ever seen. It's so fake it's almost funny. Sort of like Joan Rivers face.
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