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Full Version: Truth As Currency
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Thinking about this...

if insider trading, can make one rich,
by knowing the truth about what a stock is really going to do,
doesn't this mean that knowing the truth,
is more valuable than money?

Knowing the truth, IS, the real wealth.
This supersedes money as wealth,
as knowledge is real,
whilst money is a fictional,
but unanimously "believed"
representation of wealth.

Knowing this,
how is it possible to design a civilization, on truth,
instead of its' secondary, contrived idea,


(edit) thoughtfully added:

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The question, lunk, is what do people value -- truth or fiction?

Unfortunately for all of us the answer is quite obvious.
I think, that most people value money,
which is not truth.

Truth remains constant,
money depreciates.

A civilization built on the "truth",
is immune to a depreciating currency.

(edit) added
perhaps i should define "truth" as defining, the necessary,
things, required for existence of one, in this universe.

Money, is not, the prerequisite for existence,
just a possible enhancer, in this world, at this time.
Whenever people ask whether or not there's really any gold in Fort Knox anymore, my answer is 'does it matter?'.
Yes, unfortunately, gold
does not matter.
however, it does, and has, maintain its' value,
at this point in time.
real value is in having fire wood, not the investment,
in a company that supplies fire wood.
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