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Full Version: The Destruction Of Wtc 4
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Destruction of WTC 4 - Slide Show

Click on the image above to see a slide show of pictures that show WTC 4 and the condition of the building throughout the day on 9/11 and during the clean up phase after the attack.

Below are a few pics from the slide show that helped me establish the fact that most of the damage occurred during the collapse of WTC 2 but the building didn't catch fire until after WTC 1 fell. Until I put these pics in order, I had assumed that the section of the building that had bent over was the result of fire, but this section of the building never caught fire. The north section of WTC 4 had heavy fires that engulfed the entire section, yet the steel that was subjected to fire did not fail or bend.

Keep an eye on the blue pickup truck:

WTC 4 from Church Street before first collapse.

The Destruction of WTC 4

WTC 4 from Church Street after WTC 2 collapse.

WTC 4 from Church Street after WTC 1 collapse.
WOW! Very well done DYEW, and so informative for me. Excellent pictures. Toast to the ubiquitous photographer! cheers.gif
Something else I just noticed:

Here's WTC 4 from Church St before the collapse:

WTC 4, 5 and 6 were built on cantilevered trusses. If you look at the bottom of the building, there are glass storefronts and the upper floors stick out from the ground floor, creating an overhang. (WTC 7 was built on cantilevered trusses too.) Cantilevered trusses can be incredibly strong and are certainly stronger then the steel grid construction for the floors above. The lower floors have to be built stronger then the floors above because they have to carry all of the load.

Here's WTC 4 from Church St after the collapse:

What's missing? The entire ground floor!

The rest of the building now sits on the ground. So, the cantilevered trusses failed, but the weaker steel above didn't fail and bent instead. If WTC 4 was destroyed only by falling debris from WTC 2, the upper floors would have been crushed first, but the pictures show that the ground floor was taken out before the rest of the building came down. This defies the laws of physics, unless you have the help of explosives and good timing.

Oh one more thing. Before the collapse the south side of the east face came out about 15 feet further then the north side of the east face. After the collapse the south side moved back and is now about even with the north side.

The Destruction of WTC 4
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