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Full Version: Bill Gates And Neo-eugenics: Vaccines To Reduce Population
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Here is what it comes down to, folks. The 'elite' see themselves as kings, queens and gods and elect themselves as your rulers without your knowledge or consent. In their terms, you can only be elite if you are fabulously wealthy and it is something to be celebrated. That's it. Nothing more. If you are wealthy, you are wonderful and you are now qualified to discuss any topic, regardless of your lack of experience, training, education or never even having lived among the people, average folk, whose lives will be most affected by their decisions. Fuck Bill Gates.

Eugenicist Bill Gates To Attend 2010 Bilderberg Conference

Bill Gates Admits Vaccines Are Used for Human Depopulation
wrong verb. [removed] bill gates.

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Fuck Bill Gates. Hmmmm. No, I believe I'll pass on that experience. lol
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