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Full Version: 767 Limitations
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rob balsamo
This page is currently under construction:

I did find some "airport planning" info that claims to have aircraft description and performance info over at Boeing (still downloading):

I also found some exterior CAD technical drawings that appeared to be from 1998-vintage AutoCAD .DXF format from the first one I opened.
This link has a .PDF with FAA Type Certificate Data Sheet with many Boeing 767 specifications:
Here's a page with some good information on the B767 family:
A good specifications page for Boeing 767-200 family:

767-200 - Max cruising speed 914km/h (493kt), economical cruising speed 854km/h (461kt). Range of basic aircraft with JT9Ds 5855km (3160nm), medium range version with CF6s 7135km (3850nm). 767-200ER - Speeds same. Range with PW4056s 12,269km (6625nm), with CF6s 12,352km (6670nm).

767-200 - Empty with JT9Ds 74,752kg (164,800lb), with CF6s 74,344kg (163,900lb). Operating empty with JT9Ds 80,920kg (178,400lb), with CF6s 80,510kg (177,500lb). Max takeoff 136,078kg (300,000lb), medium range max takeoff 142,881kg (315,000lb). 767-200ER - Empty with PW4056s 76,566kg (168,800lb), with CF680C2B4s 76,476kg (168,600lb), operating empty with PW4056s 84,415kg (186,100lb), with CF680C2B4Fs 84,370kg (186,000lb). Max takeoff with PW4056s or CF680C2B4Fs 175,540kg (387,000lb).

Wing span 47.57m (156ft 1in), length 48.51m (159ft 2in), height 15.85m (52ft 0in). Wing area 283.3m2 (3050sq ft)."

EDIT: B767-300 family (not relevant to the four 9/11 flights per se):
Here are the "official" Boeing pages:

767 family:

Here is the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Type Certificate Data Sheet for Boeing 767:
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