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Full Version: The Singularity Is Near (and Time Magazine Is Breaking The News To The Masses)
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Ray Kurzweil wrote The Age of Spiritual Machines and The Singularity Is Near. Calling for a 2012 like transformation around the late 2030s/early 2040s, Kurzweil depicts a technocratic utopia. I've read the age of spiritual machines. He is predicting human technology fifty, one hundred, even two hundred years down the road. i remember when Tim Leary attempted that route...he mentioned in his book The Politics of Ectasy that he had in his private journals a predictive timeline of humanity's future for the next five hundred years. That statement really brought down what was an incredible book. it's more than a little boastful to suggest you can accurately predict what will happen at those time intervals.

However, Leary did enough psychedelics to scare most people away from his ideas.'s a damn shame. Kurzweil does not have that easy of a dismissal for the public. in fact, the public regularly falls for a scientist to speak an arcane materialistic truth, whether or not is understood.

later in the article you meet Aubrey De Grey, another scientist with his eyes firmly set on a technocratic utopian future. In De Grey's world, aging is a disease to be cured. He is a little more cryptic at times, but after watching Red Ice Creation's documentary that centered around De grey, but one can readily tell he is on a quest for immortality.

If you guys miss what I am getting at, speak up! I LOVE this subject. IMO 911 is the introduction to the Singularity.
(random article I found searching on the red ice website for their documentary...more relevant material to come. skip over this to posts 3 and 4

Joe Saluzzi on High-Frequency Trading: The Equity Market Is Now Controlled By The Machines

Joe Saluzzi, co-founder of Themis Trading LLC and outspoken exchange expert, is concerned with how high-frequency trading has brought the capital markets into uncharted - and dangerous - territory.

"Things have changed," he cautions. With 50-70% of all trades being conducted by algorithms at micro-second time intervals, real human traders are increasingly challenged to understand how our markets actually work. "No longer do the technical patterns - that have lasted for years and years, and are written about all over - work anymore."

In the following interview, Joe and Chris plunge into "dark pools" and other poorly-understood elements of our now-machine-dominated financial exchanges. The current system is fraught with risks of further "flash crash"-like disruptions, and at a fundmental level, feels a lot like sanctioned theft by the deep-pocketed institutions who can outspend on technology and speed. This is an important interview for anyone involved in trading (professionally or personally), as well as investors who want to know how today's markets truly operate.

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In this podcast, Joe sheds light on why:

•The flash crash happened and why our vulnerability to future crashes is even higher now.
•How the majority of trades that happen on a daily basis are now conducted by machines that have no underlying concern or understanding for the companies who's securities they trade. The market has become volume for the sake of volume - which is not healthy.
•How the complexity and pace of the current technology driving trades has become so complex that it has effectively evolved beyond our ability to fully understand its risks.
•Why the government agencies responsible for understanding and overseeing exchanges are woefully under-resourced and unprepared to be effective in this new era.
•How the average trader is destined to lose in today's market, while the big banks & HFT firms who can afford to win the arms race are making essentially-guaranteed profits.
As with our recent interviews with Jim Rogers, Marc Faber and Bill Fleckenstein, Jim ends the interview with his specific advice for the average trader/investor.

I'm going to refrain from commenting for a bit and give you guys some good sources for those who need to be brought up to speed.
here is the introduction video to the Documentary i mentioned in the first post. Longevity and the Grail
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