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Full Version: The Mysterious Anthrax
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worth a read....
Even the law enforcement commenters at the end of this article have a low opinion of the FBI crime lab and its investigative abilities.

When I read this I couldn't help but wonder - did the FBI just become incompetent of late or like everything the government initiates, was it always this way?

Our RCMP has been falling apart for two decades and is now so busy with politics, corruption and infighting that there is little time left to practice real cop stuff.

This is a very dangerous time to get caught in any lawman's sights because they seem pretty eager to shoot first to avoid any talking later.
i think that a study of the record would reveal that the FBI has always been amerika's stasi.

as wild bill donovan, a real manly man, discovered, edgar was a raving homosexual controlled by all sorts of "mobs".

its an amazing story that few care to touch, don't you think? the FBI headed by a homosexual who owed much of his preservation, his enjoyment of life, to the organized crime entities that he denied existed.

i have often considered edgar the ernst roehm of the usa.

it has never been a law enforcement entity. it has always been a gestapo.
Good point Albert, and any attempt to end the party, will get
you JFK'd in a heartbeat. Problem today is, everyone knows.
They have to be frantic trying to stop the leaks and contain the
situation now. How do you shut up millions of people ?
They cant.

Im hoping we live in a different time now, with so many people
awakening to the global fraud that has been oppressing us all that
we may finally have a shot at real freedom and peace in the world,
and an end to gangster/banker/politician oppression.
Anthrax report casts doubt on scientific evidence in FBI case against Bruce Ivins
By Jerry Markon
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 16, 201

QUOTE (excerpt)
In a report released last year, the Justice Department concluded that Ivins hatched the anthrax-by-mail scheme in hopes of creating a scare because he was concerned about the fate of an anthrax vaccine program he had helped create. On Tuesday, officials again pointed to evidence linking Ivins to the attacks, including e-mails and recorded conversations showing an increasingly agitated Ivins seeking to implicate colleagues while misleading investigators about his ability to make the powder.

But Tuesday's report questioned a critical piece of evidence: the link between the anthrax spores in a flask - labeled RMR-1029 - stored in Ivins's lab at Fort Detrick, Md., and the anthrax from the attacks. The Justice Department report concluded that Ivins's collection of anthrax spores, which he had called his "ultimate creation," was the "parent material" for the anthrax used in the mailings.

"The scientific link between the letter material and flask number RMR-1029 is not as conclusive as stated in the DOJ Investigative Summary," said the $1.1 million report, which was commissioned by the FBI. The document added, however, that the "genetic evidence is consistent with and supports an association between the RMR-1029 flask" and the anthrax used in the attacks.
It sure is easy to cook up evidence on a dead man who always claimed innocense. The anthrax attach was very conveniently contrived to assist the Patriot Act to get was used just to add more FEAR by the same perps that did 9/11.... In order to to get the last "key" to their plan, since 9/11 was not enough to get the Patriot Act passed, then needed another "kick" and that was the anthrax attacks.

They'll have to JFK me to shut me up.
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