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Full Version: Quick Question Rob
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Hi Rob,

I am watching all of your CDs today hoping to use parts in a video to friends and family. In the World Trade Center CD, a pilot talks about having his "line" pilots try to hit the WTC in simulation with a 737 and none were able to hit it at "higher speeds." Do you happen to know what higher speeds he used?
I remember reading the account of that work in the simulator. As I recall they were up near the redline, around 300-350 KIAS, and some sort of Dutch Roll was induced that made it hard to hit the building.

As I remember the story, the students never did hit the building, but finally the instructor was able to after quite a few tries.
rob balsamo
That is correct amazed, thank you.
Thank you both. I thought 350 was it. They said they couldn't hit it, not that it was hard, fyi.
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