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Full Version: Car Ad In Israel Shows Running Over Palestinian Kids
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A new advertisement in Israel, meant to show the “power and durability” of the Japanese Subaru car, caused outrage after showing a Subaru driven by a Jewish settler striking two Palestinian children in occupied East Jerusalem.


Edit: could be a hoax, while this story is widespread Subaru has denied any involvement in the advertisement.
in a similar vein[or is that artery?], consider this....
I learned today that Richard Goldstone retracted his 2009 report on the Gaza massacre. Turns out, Israel was actually the real victim in this atrocity. Of course, there is no suggestion that Goldstone was co-erced by Zionist interests in any way rolleyes.gif
years ago i ran with a crowd of south african expats in london.

goldstone was always recognized as no enemy of apartheid.

it must be recognized that when the afrikaners were being boycotted, it was israel that continued to arm them. and during the carter years, it was recognized that israel had delivered nuclear weapons to afrikans south africa and detonated it. letting the world know to back off on the boycott.

one of the most interesting violators of the boycott was british petroleum. working as an adjunct of mi6.

goldstone was/is a fraud.
By no means have I followed Goldstone, his history, or his affiliations closely. But it's no secret that he is a supporter of Israel and a self-proclaimed Zionist.

Irrespective of his past, I think it is fair to conclude that his initial response to the attack on Gaza and Israel's culpability in that regard was quite genuine. As far as I can tell, the Zionist cause really had nothing to gain by orchestrating a situation whereby one of its supporters (Goldstone) would come forward and oficially criticise Israel so unequivocally, and then have that same person retract their original statement. It doesn't make sense, from a conspiritorial point of view.

To me, it's obvious that Israel identified a serious PR issue in Goldstone's original report, and dealt with it by forcing him to change his mind. I can't reconcile the situation in any other way.
Oops. Double post.
Carl Bank
Talking about terrorism in car ads:

Volkswagen's Polo doesn't work for sucide bombings -

BOOM: Carl
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