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New observations from my suburban small town making that transition to larger impersonal town. I used to live on the parade route and we would need at least two large coffee urns and four dozen donuts to host family and friends dropping by. Today this main street was empty. No flag on the neighbor's porch, no chairs on the sidewalk, just a day like any other. I felt like the last of my dwindling family playing audience to dying tradition. My daughter and I show up mostly for the bagpipe band now. The family knows my take on 911, the bogus wars and the oligarchy of secretive and powerful people who use world governments via media and social engineering for their own profits and or evil amusement.
We talked about things being open on this "holiday". TD Bank was open which led to the statement, "We only get Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter off".
To which I said, "globo-corpo-fascism" and my son-in-law replied "the Illuminati plan to destroy america".

That got me thinking about my life in the R&D labs of a major company you all would know. A life in steel toes and safety glasses that continues today at yet another major company you all should know. I have to say that in the last five to seven years these companies have taken safety to levels beyond safety. Now nobody wants to get injured on the job but it's now more of a mind game type thing of enforcing compliance. Is the company really concerned about your safety or rather concerned about loosing it's asset, you, a trained employee (at will employee). Well at the "new" company there are safety posters ready for "roll out" focused on outside of work activities which include seasonal favorites like mowing the lawn in sandals, ticks with lime disease and reading/following labels on gardening chemicals. Yes, companies have to "promote" common sense here, ie, protect their ASSet, you plus insurance payments. In recent years this has taken on a sort of Nazi-like hyper complicance theme rather than a simple egalitarian industrial safety program.

What it feels like? My "fellow Americans" and co-workers are not highly trained people. More like the American Idol and Dancing with the Stars set. They only know how to specifically watch paint dry in the manner prescribed by the signed off certified Mil spec manual. Well, they get sexually excited at catching somebody sans safety equipment. You may think that a bit hyperbolic yet it's not by much. For the vast majority propaganda works. They have not had my cross cultural experience. They never dared think outside box. I appear odd to them, endorsing neither left nor right politics, having zero interest in Boston sports teams and certainly never ever talking about the crap on TV. I just refuse to degrade my spirit that way.

So, we watched the parade as sort of the last family doing so on this main street of suburban McMansionville after which I had to leave. Well the grandkids are crushed. They want to come with me. Kids are soo much closer to God. No having been indoctrinated yet. They think Grampy is cool but also spent and feeling hopelessly empty. There were no cookouts. There was no beer and it will be a miserable Tuesday morning at the paint watching compliance factory.

In closing I give you a kindred spirit, Bob Dean as interviewed by Bill and Kerry at project Camelot.
i feel your ideas..,but the link needs fixing.
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