I found another very interesting video this time it concerns a massive explosion at the base of the south tower, this time
the news reporter tell us that people had thought a 3rd plane had slammed into the base of the south tower when in
fact it had not because as we all know there was no third plane that hit the the tower, but what is clear it that there
was very powerful explosion somewhere at the base of the south tower in fact so powerful that it made people think
that a third plane had hit the towers.

You hear near the end both them say "that was an incredible explosion" and the male new reporter who witnesses the explosion
was about "i dont think that was caused by a plane" before he is cut off by the main news reporter who says "i agree with you
i think i was a third plane" which is not what the news reporter who was on the ground was think at all, and at the very end they
both speculate that it could have been a bomb planted.

This testimony just lends more credibility to the idea that the towers where rigged to explode.

9/11 News report-"something ignited ...tremendous explosion...could have been a bomb"