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Full Version: I Know That There Are Some Pilots On This Site
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with no commenting from me,

i urge you to pick up the september 2011 issue of FLYING. turn to page 88. a column by a les abrend entitled SEPT. 11 - WE DIDN'T FORGET.

read it. tell us what you think.
a (free) copy can be found/read here:
(page 90)
and mea culpa.

bad typing.

les abend.

his column is entitled FLYING OPINION: JUMPSEAT

his photo shows him wearing what purports to be a uniform shirt with epaulettes.

It is true within its own narrow terms. All you have to do is be ignorant of the vast amount of evidence that 9/11 was a gigantic fraud. It's like the post-game analysis of a fixed sports contest that doesn't mention the signs it was fixed or the current explanations of the political forces at play during the Health Care debate. It is internally consistent but entirely false, and, as such, reinforces the idea that things are just as our government told us. We HAD a problem but things are all right now, except you all have to go through the x-ray and patdown and give up your water bottles.
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