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Full Version:  stand-down Argument Loses It's Standing
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Aldo Marquis CIT
For the longest time the truth movement has cited the supposed stand down order from dick Cheney as evidence of an inside job. Well like I said, dick Cheney slipped right out of it and of course there is nothing supporting a willful stand down to allow an attack...

Most striking of all is the revelation that an order by Vice President Dick Cheney was ignored by the military, which saw his order to shoot down aircraft as outside the chain of command. Instead of acknowledging the order to shoot down civilian aircraft and carrying it out, NORAD ordered fighters to confirm aircraft tail numbers first and report back for further instructions.
Not sure of your point here Aldo, but true or false, I've never seen that stand down order by Cheney to be terribly important. Interesting to be sure (if true), but not so important.
Aldo Marquis CIT
Well that has pretty much been my point. It wasn't important as you said and furthermore there are too many outs for Cheney, whether it was stand down or shoot down. There is not enough there to charge him with anything as it has always been ambiguous and again, holding back on a shoot down or a stand down can easily be spun and doesn't prove willful act of treason and barely represents negligence.

My point here is that now they have the perfect excuse.

With the american media, no excuse is needed for those guys. The media accepts without questions everything they say.
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