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Full Version: U.s. School District To Begin Microchipping Students
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rob balsamo
(NaturalNews) A Rhode Island school district has announced a pilot program to monitor student movements by means of radio frequency identification (RFID) chips implanted in their schoolbags.

The Middletown School District, in partnership with MAP Information Technology Corp., has launched a pilot program to implant RFID chips into the schoolbags of 80 children at the Aquidneck School. Each chip would be programmed with a student identification number, and would be read by an external device installed in one of two school buses. The buses would also be fitted with global positioning system (GPS) devices.

Parents or school officials could log onto a school web site to see whether and when specific children had entered or exited which bus, and to look up the bus's current location as provided by the GPS device.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has criticized the plan as an invasion of children's privacy and a potential risk to their safety.

"There's absolutely no need to be tagging children," said Stephen Brown, executive director of the ACLU's Rhode Island chapter. According to Brown, the school district should already know where its students are.

"[This program is] a solution in search of a problem," Brown said.
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They test out their control mechanisms in a small area, to work the "bugs" out, then they introduce the same "technology" everywhere, knowing the objections, already with their rote responses.

...if everyone had a scanner that could read these RFID chips,
then it would become obviously, very dangerous to "chip" anything or anyone.
pretty safe to say that whatever they test across the pond in england invariably finds its way here....
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