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Full Version: Barbara Olson's Telephone Calls
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This is an extremely well written breakdown and analysis of the alleged calls from flight 77 to the Solicitor General, Ted Olson, from wife Barbara. It takes some careful reading, at least twice, but also has lots of references at the end.

This is such a smoking gun, ignored totally by the MSM of course. I strongly recommend this excellent article.
Interesting stuff Westgate!

Yes, it seems everything was 'scripted'. It was, after all, some sort of training exercise, and that might be what made Ong and Lyles go through their scripted speeches.
Thanks for the link Westgate.

Think I'll need to read it a few more times to digest it but basically there is no proof whatsoever that Olson made those "anonymous calls". The FBI couldn't trace the calls? Bollox.

Even the "historical narrative" of the Pentagon attack, "Pentagon 9/11" authored by co-author/co-editoer of the Warren Commission Report, Alfred Goldberg
rejected the notion that the pilots were at the "back of the plane"

It's all down to taking the government "word" for it. Warts and all. 

What I found interesting was the call allegedly made at 09:34 at the beginning of the alleged loop (that is contradicted by multiple sources as it actually flew over Washington). But if the OCT were to be accepted (RADES and the alleged FDR data), this call would have been made during this manouevre

As for Olson herself, she was allegedly on an aircraft with multiple military and government personnel. A list of people that seemed more like a hitlist than a group of random "passengers"

a senior scientist with the US Navy, retired Army.

A third-generation physicist whose work at the Navy was so classified that his family knew very little about what he did each day. They don’t even know exactly why he was headed to Los Angeles on the doomed American Airlines Flight 77.

a Boeing engineer in Integrated Defense Systems; he served in the US Air Force for four years, and for the National Security Agency for 14 years. 

a director of program management at Raytheon, US Army (ret.) who helped develop and build anti-radar technology for electronic warfare. Raytheon‘s website notes that they are leaders in every phase of the Precision Strike kill chain; are the world’s leading organization at Missile Defense; provides state-of-the-art technology to detect, protect and respond to terrorism and provide Homeland Defense; and that their technology forms the eyes, ears and brains of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance systems, from the Predator to the Global Hawk.

a retired naval aviator who worked for Veridian Corp., a defense contractor, who was working with military aircraft and weapons systems 

A Navy test pilot who worked on the development of the F18. “He had done a number of black programs — which means top-secret,” said his son. “We were given no details.”

an electrical engineer with defense contractor BAE Systems. largest technical support supplier to the US Navy. BAE Systems is an industry leader in flight control systems, which are present on nearly every US military aircraft. BAE electronic warfare systems such as their jamming system are vital to the US Navy operations.

2 Boeing propulsion engineers: a lead Propulsion Engineer and a Project Manager with Boeing Satellite Systems, and a lead engineer for Boeing Satellite Systems. 

a software architect with Lockheed Martin Corp., US Army (ret.). A manager in the systems and software architecture department.

a Vice President for software development, EMSolutions and retired Lieutenant Commander, Navy. He spent 20 years in the US Navy, where he developed high capacity signal processors, multi-processor application software and innovative signal processing algorithms. EMSolutions maintains a facility security clearance, and has contracts with Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and BAE Systems.

a technical group manager at Xon Tech, a defense-related research and development firm [46] He previously worked as an engineer at the Naval Research Lab. Also a technical manager of Xon Tech 

a retired Navy Rear Admiral, former Navy pilot, and retired American Airlines pilot. 

a senior executive at the Defense Department. 

A budget analyst/director of the programming and fiscal economics division who worked at the Pentagon.

a former Navy electronics technician worked as a Department of Defense contractor with Vrendenburg Co. in Washington 

managing partner and co-founder of Stratin Consulting. and retired Marine Corps Lieutenant and Vietnam War veteran 

a lawyer who had worked with the Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps. 
and of course, there was Barbara Olson, attorney, CNN Commentator and wife of the United States Solicitor General. 

She was allegedly on her way to promote her new book about the Clintons on Bill Maher's show,"Politically Incorrect".

"The Final Days: The Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House"

The two decades before 9/11 have largely been overlooked (IMO), particularly during Clinton's tenure - Waco, OKC, etc and the litany of "suicides" and mayhem this guy left in his wake.

Who's to say that a lot of those "passengers" weren't a "bulk package" of a clean-up of loose ends?

Olson was a pain in the ass to the Clintons.
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