In the course of my extensive readings on the subject of the events of 9/11 plus background information, I have come to learn that, among the law enforcement agencies housed at the old WTC 7, there were money laundering investigations going on, pre-9/11.

Not only was this true of WTC 7, it was also true of WTC 6 where money laundering investigations were being conducted by two more federal law enforcement agencies.

Money laundering is among the modus operandi of the Russian mafia (which, BTW, is really big internationally and has been getting very prominent in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, NYC).

Additionally, money laundering was among the original criminal charges pressed against one-time fugitive Marc Rich before his being pardoned by slick Willie (Clinton).

For more information, please read the following thread, in its entirety, in the Alternate Theories forum: "Joseph Solari, a Now-Deceased Bronx Goodfella (9/11 Connection??)."

Paul Michael, former cousin of Joseph Solari, disowned