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Full Version: What Is The Best Documentary For 16 - 20 Year Old English Kids?
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I want to put flyers up around my college to call for people to investigate 9/11 which will be read by 16 - 20 year old English kids. Many will have very little prior knowledge other the official line: 'Some terrorists flew two planes into the Twin Towers and they collapsed'.

I'm thinking of typing "YouTube 'Loose Change'" (for example) in bold font and leaving them up in the toilets. I'm hoping this will catch their curiosity so they watch the documentary long enough for it to challenge their views. I'm reluctant to put anything about 9/11 on the posters because people will probably immediately go 'not this crazy * again' and discount it without being exposed to the evidence. Is this a good idea?

In your experience, which YouTube documentary would be the most suitable for this age group?

It has to be:

- engaging from the v start

- not too long (less than 2 hours)

- detail the official account in easy-to-follow language before disproving it.
I do not answer to your question here, but I can tell you this:

What convinced me was WTC 7 ! ! and I talk about it there:
It is a logical evolution. . . B-)

Blue skies.
It would seem that Loose Change is limited hangout. Meaning that the errors are just enough to cast doubt on credibility. There is no definitive video that backs the idea that it was indeed an inside job. Network news reports are probably the best weapon. The idea being what they did not show anything of importance. It was stage managed. what they did show and immediatley gave you the explaination so as the viewer does not have to think and realize what has just happened. The answers were provided to the public in Edward Benays fashion. Watch `harley guy`. Not only gives the explaination for 2 collapses but also I think the first one to attribute the term `ground zero`to the site. Planting the path to deception. All this moments after the collapses. Look just before he is interviewed. He is standing by ready to speachify. Don`t rely on other sources of people for info. You must research evey detail for yourself. The dis-info crowd is very pervasive. Avoid them at all intersections. It is all propaganda.
Hi again.

Something bizarre happened to my link in message #2
Here is the real one. . .

I do not answer to your question here, but I can tell you this:

What convinced me, was WTC 7 ! ! and we talk about it there:


It is a logical evolution. . . B-)

Blue skies.
Well, i wouldn't call him a documentariun exactly,
but if you want to get youth questioning 9/11,
Deek Jackson on youtube has made many videos on, and about, the misconceptions of 9/11.

However, he has to swear a lot to get any attention.
A good detailed introduction might be "Zero: an investigation into 9/11"

Documentry on Youtube:- (1hr 45mins)


For a short introduction (under 5 mins) James Corbett's "9/11: A Conspiracy Theory" is worth a look.

He as more information about 9/11 on his website :-

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