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Full Version: Movie "flight" And Flight 93
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Zaphod 36

I have seen some similarities between the last minutes of the plane in the movie "Flight" and Flight 93.
In the movie the pilot(Denzel Washington) is preventing a straight crash after a long dive by inverting the plane with manual control.
Picture from the movie:

I must think about Viola Saylor at this picture.

Uncut youtube-video from the last minutes of the flight:
Flight Video

Around 3:40 they switched over to manual control. Is it possible to switch over to manual control in a Boeing 757 in the same way?

A Graphic of Flight 93 Flight Path from NTSB:

The dive of Flight 93 looks uncontrolled, similar to the plane in the movie. Is it possible to prevent a dive by inverting the plane(near the ground)?
Did not see the movie, though I like Denzel. A friend saw it and said it was really just about an alcoholic.

I thought the elevator was jammed somehow, down. In theory, if the plane were rolled inverted, down becomes up.

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