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Full Version: Geoengineering - Premium Threat To Mankind
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After starting a few threads on this topic, none which took, here's a general thread on the subject motivated by my opinion that geoengineering is the premium threat to our collective future. It dwarfs 9/11 to eventually render it a footnote in history, and makes JFK look like a hiccup on the way to total world tyranny. We are there now. They have taken over the air that you breath using fly-over treaties. It doesn't get more serious than that. I hope to keep the story alive on P4T because I think eventually it will be important here.

My first post is a current event type. Monsanto buys Climate Corp

4MIN News October 4, 2013: Monsanto
Merry Christmas to all, and a peaceful New Year. Don't forget to look up.
Kristen Meghan

Ex air force whistle blower on Chemtrails

this is the real deal

QUOTE (bill @ Feb 5 2014, 08:32 AM) *
Kristen Meghan

Ex air force whistle blower on Chemtrails

this is the real deal

Agreed, Kristian Meghan is the real deal. Here's another interview with her where she talks about why we don't see more whistle blowers.

After discussing the bulk containers the military orders, from an UNMARKED manufacturer , which is against protocol, containing Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, Kristian goes over the air, water and soil tests she did as part of her job in Oklahoma, Georgia, and Chicago and finding Aluminum, Barium, Strontium, (and other oxides) in non-natural states (man-made) 'in quantity' in the samples. So where did they come from? she rightfully asks. According to Kristian, its become increasing difficult to get these type of lab tests done.
Chemtrails over Manitoba, Feb 2014.
TV Interview JOSEFINA FRAILE SkyGuards English Subt NEW

Great TV interview in Spain on Geoengineering.
Good interview, brilliant woman Vandana Shiva


Vandana Shiva was interviewed by Maria Heibel from NoGeoingegneria
Supporters of geoengineering have proposed radical ways to alter the planet. But opposition is growing to geoengineering. We interviewed the indian environmentalist, scientist, philosopher Vandana Shiva.
Vandana Shiva,originally a theoretical physicist, she now campaigns the world for heirloom seeds, organic farming and local food systems instead of the chemical- and oil-intensive large scale industrial farms that destroy the environment and wreck local economies. She also supports Hands off Mother Earth, a citizen-based organization that resists geoengineering .

Opinion: Letter to the editor: X marks the spot

From staff reports
Updated: 02/24/2014 03:36:13 PM PST

Some reading this may recognize the phrase, “The sky is falling” from a folktale with origins that can be traced across continents and cultures and with many versions but that is best remembered in the United States from the children’s book Chicken Little or Henny Penny as it was known in Britain dating back to the early 19th century.Essentially Chicken Little is the story of a chicken or little chick who when an acorn falls on his head, concludes that the sky is falling and decides to warn the King. You might, depending on which version you read think Chicken Little though maybe well intended was obviously a misled and delusional whistleblower who unnecessarily stirred up hysteria among his ranks and consequently caused those who joined him to meet a sad and sorry end for being convinced that Chicken Little was right and something should be done.

In one version of the story, Chicken Little on his way to tell the King meets other animals along the way with catchy rhyming names like Ducky Lucky, Goosey Loosey, Gander Lander and Turkey Lurkey but while on their fateful journey to tell the King, they run in to a fox who invites them to his lair and there, eats them all. Henceforth or should I say Hensforth, this children’s fable has come to symbolize a warning of what happens when you believe everything you’re told.

The term Chicken Little Syndrome was used derogatorily in the 1950s to refer to people who were thought to be unreasonably afraid and guilty of inciting fear without justification in those around them.

The story of Chicken Little is an ancient one in that it has appeared in many forms throughout history.

Twenty-five centuries ago Buddhist scriptures tell of Buddha referring to a particular religious practice that he thought of little merit as “like the noise the hare heard” and to illustrate described a hare when disturbed by a falling fruit, believing that signified the earth coming to an end. In the story the hare starts a stampede among the other animals until a lion halts them, investigates the cause of the panic and then restores calm. The fable is believed to teach the need for deductive reasoning and the value of investigation.

Regardless of what version of the story is told, one can’t escape the reasoning implied in that it is unwise based on a lack of credible information from what may be considered reliable sources, to jump to hasty conclusions. I’d further concur that it is also irrational and irresponsible to publicly proclaim what you believe to be true, especially when it may have a profound affect on others and when it is based solely on your own opinion and without evidence beyond your own personal experience.

When it comes to matters of consequence, I would not want to be perceived as Chicken Little but I would nonetheless not shrink from what I consider a civic duty, a moral obligation and public responsibility to share the research of scientists, climatologists and meteorologists who in increasingly great numbers point to a phenomena in our upper atmosphere that is not natural, that is man-made and deliberate and that is the result of actions taken by official agencies of government and military acting in concert to conduct experiments that have been classified as weather modification projects and referred to at scientific conferences as well as been documented in government sanctioned reports as Geo-engineering, a speculative field at best that is mostly denied by any official agency or department of government and that if backed to the wall, would take the defensible position of being in the interest of our national security and therefore not open to public inspection or scrutiny though these actions which involve the use of aerosol spraying in our skies, the result of which have been observed, tracked and laboratory tested to show evidence that the chemical agents in these aerosols released above us without disclosure and without our consent pose toxic and deleterious health affects to which we are unwittingly exposed.

If you have looked up and seen what has been stubbornly explained away by disinformation agents married to and loyal to these atmospheric aerosol spraying missions, you will have noticed that though any claims of the unusual are hastily dismissed as nothing out of the ordinary, there is in fact something going on that you simply cannot ignore and no amount of denial by anyone in any official capacity can concoct a convincing argument to the contrary no matter how they spin their yarn, that what you are witnessing is natural and normal.

Stand outside and watch as long lingering trails of what are clearly not jet contrails form grid-like patterns above Lake County and stretch from horizon to horizon, then eventually fade and leave behind a strange milky white haze behind which the sun appears to dim in a sky that just before these aberrations appeared and as we’ve previously become accustomed to here, were clear, crisp and bright blue.

Just yesterday Lake County was treated to another series of these events and those who witnessed it stood transfixed as a giant X as if sky written was painted by these trails as they crossed in the sky above us and it was more than odd, it was unmistakably eerie and I think to most, disturbing.

If you doubt for one moment that what I and millions of others around the globe are currently seeing and reporting is not unusual and not by any conventional means explicable and you will not believe even your own eyes and need further proof that something is very wrong, you might begin your search for more information by viewing the preponderance of research that’s been accumulated on the subject culminating in arguably hard to dispute evidence that we are indeed being subjected to stratosphere atmospheric aerosol spraying. Look up: , then go out and look up.

X marks the spot.

Howard Glasser

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