Though we may despise our: boundlessly evil, racist, routinely false-flagging, government; it's important that we hardwire ourselves to totally exonerate those skin-headed armed robbers who volunteer for their "Sand Nigger" killing rampages, risk becoming crippled and even die for them.

Here are some apologist excuses, which I find quite useful:

1) They're just pawns in a rich man's game.

2) They don't get to choose which wars they fight.

3) Blame the politicians. These poor kids haven't any other career options and take no pleasure in their painful, dreary, duties; which are simulated in numerous top-selling computer games such as "Medal of Honor".

In the interests of peace, civilization, and common Humanity, we ought to do all we can to discourage this gruesome profession and above all: the exploitation of these ignorant, unaccountable, tools, who rapacious warmongers send to do their dirty work.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a flag-bearing homecoming parade to salute, applaud and cheek-kiss.