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I guess I should now introduce myself to this fine forum. Originally from northeast Ohio, I have lived in Utrecht/Holland, Lubbock, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, northeast Ohio again and now in Erie for the last seven years. I was in the Air Force for six years stationed in Holland as an accounting auditor and then at Reese AFB in Lubbock as a cost analyst for the pilot training program. I am sure that some pilots on this forum may have endured the pilot training school at Reese AFB. The AF was very good to me as I played football in the USAFE league and they also paid for 75% of my grad degree.
I am what I consider to be a research compiler. I have been on the 911 case since 2003. Thank you Coast to Coast AM for bringing on guests back then who sparked my curiosity on 911. I am doing research for a book I am writing with the title of 'Physics Did Them In: The First Time in Five Billion Years the Laws of Physics Did Not Exist for Nine Hours'. I hope to have this done by around July 2017. It is a novel about a college graduate who is hired by the CIA in 1979 and progresses through the ranks and sees first hand what is 'really' going but keeps it to himself. In a sense it is if I am the main character even though I never worked for the CIA. In researching this book I have to know the 'official' story and at the same time what really happened. A lot of work on my part. The book will really start to get involved with 911 around 1998. I weave the character through real life events to what I hope is a realistic ending in 2017 with the release of incriminating evidence. That evidence is .........(gotta wait for the book)smile.gif
I spend 70% of the day on 911. I have two part-time jobs Internet related so that pays the bills along with savings. I keep a tight budget.
I really think one day all the 911 sites work will pay off with those behind 911 going to prison. If that day ever comes, Rumsfeld will be the like the warden in the Shawshank(sville) Redemption. The end is near and Rummy will stick a gun in his mouth and blow his head off. Cheney is too arrogant and will go down with the ship. Bush will act like Jim Baker: crying his way hand-cuffed to prison. I think Colin Powell will be the first to state under immunity all the details about 911.
Enough about me. Sometimes I like to leave a music video to sum up a post . Just my way of expressing the post. Music and sports are a big part of my life. They helped me with just having one parent since four years old. Hopefully I can contribute something worthwhile every now and then. My forum name, truthissweet, is derived from this song. My favorite musician/ producer/computer whiz is on the far left and his good friend is on the far right. Excellent version of this song.
Bruce Sinclair
Welcome aboard!
rob balsamo
Welcome to the forum!
Yes, welcome to the forum!

Sounds like an interesting book you're working on.
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