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A question about Shanksville eyewitnesses whose statements are often quoted (i.e. here)

Had anyone tried to contact and question them recently?

If the answer is yes, what did they say? They confirm their old story?

Just curiosity (I'm from Turin, Italy biggrin.gif )


[Edit] I've just seen that eyewitness questions should be posted on the other thread.. I'm sorry.. how can I move the topic there?
Good Morning Boys^^
look at this Grafik from the Shanksville scene.

I think we have here some strange contradictions:

1.) First of all we have "some" Witnesses, maybe round 9-12 miles away from the crash scene. They claimed that the plane was cuising at an altitude of 2000 feet
(About 600 meters)

2.) A witness is reporting the plane at 500 feets ( 150 meters)

3.) an other witness sees the plane turning to the right in 100-200 feets above the ground. (maximum 60 meters, lowest 30 meters.)

4. The plane has to travel from the last witness still about 2 1/2 miles till the crash scene, with an altitude of max 200 feets.

5. Dident the gov. claimed that the entire Plane vaporized, while it was comming almost verticly down with an high velocity?

6. But Imagin now, a Plane at an altitude of maximum 200 feet at a speed of maybe 500 kmh how can it be that it goes straigt in the ground as if it was falling right from heaven? I think u "PBBs" should turn ure Flight Simulator on and see if this would be posible!

ps. If the "lets roll" story where true, and they took the plane back, why would the ram it just in the ground?, i think at least 1 should know if u lower the thrust, the plane slows down, and the chance of many ppl surviving jumps up very fast. So why they would sacrafist therselfs, when all the terrorist where knocked out?

greetz m-v-b
interesting..... to bad ALL witness statements are not in the graphic.

or the debris fields
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