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Full Version: Divided We Fall
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* I personally recorded this speech on 9/9/06 and did my best to transcribe it. Some of it is difficult to hear so I left a few words out here and there, but it is about as close to word-for-word as you can get. --GIDEON

Dave VonKleist's "Divided We Fall" Speech

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"Eleanor Roosevelt made the following statement. She said, 'Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. And small minds discuss people.' With this in mind, let me go back to the release of 9/11 In Plane Site(2003). On the release of this movie, the first thing that happened was we posted our website and that came out about a month before the release of the actual film. Well, some individuals found in necessary to write a review of this particular documentary effort before it was even released. And there were attacks being made against myself and others claiming that weíd doctored photographs and manipulated video footage and weíd dubbed voices in and that it was a bunch of conspiracy wacko-extremist stuff that was designed to discredit the entire 9/11 movement. And unfortunately, there are what I call 'keyboard commandos' out there. Folks on the internet, they have their email and they get a juicy piece of information 'oooh, oooh, WHOOA! I gotta forward this out to 500,000 people on my email list!' And off it goes. And all of this gossiping goes on and all of this finger-pointing goes on and I got kind of sick of it last year because people kept coming back to me 'oh youíre some kind of government agent, arenít you?' You know, misinformation guy. So, at a conference down in the middle of Florida, I was addressing this particular issue and I said, 'you know, those kind of folks out there are going to turn the 9/11 Truth Movement into a 9/11 Bowel Movement because some of them are just full ofÖ.STUFF!' Well, of course, the word got out 'OOOH, VonKleist said the 9/11 Truth Movement is a bowel movement!' Whoa now, wait a minute! Weíve all seen the 9/11 In Plane Site video. Did I or did I not at the end of the video make the statement that we all have got to come together. Leave your pride and ego at the door. Letís all bring our puzzle pieces together and throw them on the table. Yours are big. Mine are small but it doesnít make any difference because all the puzzle piece are necessary to get the big picture. Leave your ego and pride at the door and letís work together. I will apologize to anyone that took offense to that comment about the 9/11 Truth Movement because I certainly didnít mean to create any divisiveness or division or any animosity. Why would I do that? It would be a crazy thing to do. So, if there are people out there that took offense to that, please understand that my sincerest apologies are offered to you. But I am also just as sincere as I am passionate on our radio show to pound down the idea that 'DIVIDED WE FALL!' What part of 'united we stand' can we not cognate? Letís use the War of the Worlds scenario. Here comes an alien species from outer space with design to wipe out every man, woman, and child on the face of the planet. And as we all run to the battlefield to defend what weíve got left. I jump into a pothole. And on my right I have a Jew and a Muslim and on my left Iíve got a gay and a black and a Puerto Rican. And, 'well I canít work with you because youíre Jewish. I canít work with you because youíre gay or youíre black or youíre pro-choice or youíre pro-gun.' Guess what, folks? While weíre busy arguing about semantics, racial color, and religious beliefs the aliens come up a go 'BBBBBBBPP' and weíre all gone. Weíve got to put our differences aside. I donít care if youíre gay. I donít care if youíre black or Muslim or Jew and some folks want to make an issue of that. Well, thatís another issue. Weíre here for one issue just like Billy Crystal was told by Jack Palance in the movie, 'City Slickers.' 'Itís one thing.' 9/11 is the thing. Yes, we have valid arguments about the Federal Reserve and Jim Marrs research is invaluable. All of the people that are contributing, all of the information is invaluable. But we canít get distracted and we cannot get divided over petty differences and 'he said, she said' finger-pointing. Donít be a keyboard commando. Donít be a keyboard commando. When you see or hear an accusatory finger, itís time to look at the finger instead of the direction itís pointing. Letís find out what the agenda is because we do have a common enemy. And I will tell you that the biggest enemy in my mind having been involved in media for over 30 years and working with two affiliate stations up in Conneticut I will tell you that there will come a day when the truth comes out that there will be a long line of people who will gleefully and joyfully pay cash money to have the opportunity to spit on the graves of the likes of Bill Oíreilly of Sean Hannity of Wolf Blitzer and all of the other mainstream media moguls who are perpetuating the lie when they know better! Now, I know those are rough words folks but just like Jim Marrs was saying 'there is only one thing that cannot be forgiven and that is when we perpetuate the lie.' The political spectrum is not linear. There is no such thing as extreme left or extreme right. Itís not conservative vs. liberal. Itís not democrat vs. republican. Itís not right vs. left. Itís RIGHT VS. WRONG. And thatís all we need to know. I applaud your all being here. I applaud your activism because our unborn great grandchildren will either curse our complacency or they will applaud our activism. Itís as simple as that. Letís stay busy and leave all this bickering behind us, folks. That time is done. Letís get to it."
Great one Gideon. Thanks.
Thanks Cary. I felt everybody needed to see this because his message is priceless. This infighting is killing us and it needs to come to an abrupt end if we ever hope to bring more people to the truth.
how so very true.

He said the time is now, can we count on everyone to send the videos on the 15th?
I'm just waiting for the 15th. I'm ready to go.
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