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Having just caught up on the "what to do about it" thread (which is excellent) I began wondering just how this site is faring.

Is it growing in terms of hits and new members?
I'm just one of the guys, don't keep up on the numbers, but seems to me we're about like a decent sized snowball picking up speed on an increasingly steep grade...

wink.gif cheers.gif
Here's some stats for you. This forum was setup in mid August 2006, not quite six months ago. When the old LCF melted down on October 15, we had 55 members and about 300 posts.

Now in less than four months we have grown to over 495 members with 25,950 posts. That's some pretty explosive growth compared to a lot of places. I'm a member at another forum, Conspiracy Cafe, that will have been up for 2 years this coming May. It has 952 members and 58,087 posts. It's a great forum and I have some really great friends there.

Pilots for 9/11 Truth has grown half as big as the other forum in only six months compared to 21 months for Conspiracy Cafe. But most of PFT's growth happened in the last four months. Most of the folks here were posting their research on the old LCF and this forum was a fledgling project of Rob Balsamo and Glenn Stanish (hope I spelled that correctly Glenn). The meltdown of the LCF had most of the serious members leave the games behind there and came here. And this place keeps growing regularly. The migration from LCF was a catalyst, but didn't "make it." The quality of the people and the research here is what's driving this forum.

My hat's off to Rob, Glenn, staff and the members here for being a beacon of 9/11 activism. The people here rock. I'd name names, but the list is way too long.
Thanks for that info.
Good news indeed.
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