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Full Version: Flight 93: Cockpit Voice Recorder
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Transcript of the cockpit voice recorder of United Airlines Flight 93

Which is the opinion of the "organization of aviation professionals Pilots for 9/11 Truth" on this?


"The most stunning example of government mendacity in the Moussaoui trial, Fetzer explains, came with the inflammatory recordings, allegedly the last moments of Flight 93, which went down in Pennsylvania. "Not only should they not have been admitted into evidence," he said, "but Allen Green has noted that much of the conversation is from the passenger cabin -- which would not have been picked up by the cockpit voice recorder, even through an open door. Yet the cockpit door was supposed to be closed before it was finally broken open using a drink cart."

See also:
In this Transcript of Cockpit Tape in ValuJet Crash:

It is written:

2:10:23: (Sounds of shouting from passenger cabin.)

2:10:25: Female voices in cabin: Fire, fire, fire, fire.

2:10:27: Male voice: We're on fire. We're on fire.

But for flight 93, the cockpit door was supposed to be closed before it was finally broken open using a drink cart what would, have to increase the difficulty to record the conversations of the people being in the cabin passengers. ( for the microphone positioned near the center of the cockpit, where it can pick up audio alerts and other sounds)
From the outset, I always felt the struggle supposedly picked up by the CVR to be a fabrication - especially the ending "Allah is great, Allah is the greatest!". That certainly set off my BS indicators.

It would be interesting to hear some other opinions from our pilots on this.
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