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Full Version: Us Tv-broadcasts
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Here's an idea :

There's lots of threads on this board about broadcasts that only the US can see, Rosie, Hannity & Colmes, etc.

Now us non-US-viewers would just LOVE to watch these shows real-time if at all possible. I've been guided to a site called
where I can watch FOX-news and ABC-news, which is a START.'

If ANY of you come across a site where US TV-channels can be viewed LIVE, would you please post them here, so we 'foreigners' can join you in watching and debating these broadcasts ???

My first request is for a means of watching 'The View' on ABC... I r e a l l y want to see Dylan and co. with Rosie !!!

Perhaps one of the admins could pin this thread, so we can keep coming back to it when neccessary ??

Lots of channels available here:
Fox News, ABC News,
but not the 'regular' Fox and ABC

Do any of you US-citzns see local channels which air e.g. 'The View' at the same time as ABC ???
Thanks for that G, I've got nothing to offer, but if there's a way for us to watch 'The View' in real time, give me a SHOUT, I don't want to miss it.
Pinned as per Guinan's request
This might be no good at all, but I have this thing I downloaded PPNet that allows me to watch the best football matches (the ones only on cable) through my computer in real time for free, only thing is it's in Chinese. I don't know how the hell it works, but I've got like a whole network of Chinese programs, I've only ever watched football on it. Anyway I tried looking for others that let you watch other channels, I found this, haven't tried it, might have a go later and see if it's in English.,+Free+P2P+Cable+TV
This link downloads the same TVU-player, which I linked to in my first post. (no ABC). They advise to contact, which uses the same system, but does broadcast ABC and Fox. However, it's a dead link, no joy I'm afraid...

A hint. Perhaps you could look into some type of satellite system. When I was in Germany in 1993 such things were not as common as they are now. You might try searching for TV for American expatriots. Kind of a what would an American in Europe watch. TV formats complicate this process too, PAL vs NTSC and now the American "high definition" and digital standards.

Are you sure you want to put yourself through that type of misery?

In any case it might be very interesting to see what is available in Europe vs the US.
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