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Full Version: Atc Tapes For Flt 93. Suspicious.
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The ATC recording for flt 93 -- has it been reported as highly suspicious? ATC asks some flt if they see another airplane "southwest" of theirs. ATC ALWAYS uses "clock" directions such as do you see another airplane at "TEN o'clock." The whole recording sounds "funny."
rob balsamo
"Funny" doesnt determine fact...

Although.. we will address some ATC issues in PBB3.. .stay tuned...
I agree completely--the ATC sequence sounds fake somehow. Staged.

But we know there were training exercises going on, and the FAA guys had probably been briefed about it.

In which case it could be more understandable. However radio conversations are very easy to stage.
I don't think so.

Saying o'clock the controller must infer and think of which way the aircraft is flying at that moment. ie your 3 o'clock could be my 6 o'clock etc

Saying SW is faster, then it's up to the pilot to look SW from his perspective, whichever o'clock that may be for him.

I'm not a Controller or any of that, but that's what I think about this.

On the other hand, if the Controller saw a plane following or approaching from the rear, I think everyone's heard of "Check your Six" smile.gif
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