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Full Version: Ntsb Question
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I'm not a pilot, but I read over the NTSB reports.

"The magnetic heading of 120 degrees selected in the autopilot MCP was the correct
heading for flying to Washington. However, even though the EFIS was in the MAP mode at
the time, it was in the 80 nautical mile range setting, and so would not have shown DCA on
the display; consequently, it is unlikely that the hijackers used the map display on the EHSI
to deduce the correct heading for Washington. It follows that the hijackers had some other
means of obtaining this heading." What other means?

"From 09:33 to the time the autopilot was turned off, the airplane was maneuvered vertically
using the vertical speed and altitude hold modes. In the vertical speed mode, the desired
rate of climb or descent is set in the MCP. In altitude hold mode, the airplane maintains the
altitude at which the altitude hold mode button on the MCP is pressed. As shown in Figure
2, initially the vertical speed selected was about +1,500 ft/min, and the airplane climbed
accordingly. Interestingly, at the same time, the altitude selected in the MCP was 9,600 feet
(lower than the current airplane altitude). At about 09:38 the autopilot entered altitude hold
mode at 40,700 feet. A couple of minutes later, the autopilot re-entered vertical speed mode,
with a descent rate of -4,200 feet/minute selected in the MCP, and the airplane started to
descend. At about 09:47, this descent rate in the MCP was adjusted to about -1,300
feet/minute. At around the same time, the altitude set in the MCP was adjusted to about
5,000 feet. This suggests that the intent of the operators may have been to descend to 5,000
feet." They predetermined the crash?

Welcome aboard! smile.gif

In the first place, if what you post there is from the government, it's probably bull$hit. Trivial pursuit that only leads one away from the big picture and what really happened.

It was an inside job, planned years ahead. The terrorists in this case wear mostly business suits with american flag lapel pins. :ph43r:
I found a couple of sources for those quotes- (I just took a phrase at random once I found an initial source document) it looks like it may have originally been an NTSB release. Somewhat unusually, I can't find at the moment an official source to refer to, killtown and 9/11 myths being the only ones that come up with a search.

here is the original- I dunno why it doesn't come up in a search:

wikipedia proves marginally useful on the topic of 9/11 after all...
Sorry, I should have linked the source: go here
It's:"Autopilot American Airlines Flight 77 and United Airlines Flight 93 Study "
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