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Full Version: Atta, Alleged Pilot Of Aa11, And Nsa
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why were muslim al-quda connected men like Atta, etc found in such close proximity to Dept of Defense, NSA, CIA and FBI centers?
Because it was an inside job? dunno.gif
QUOTE (JackD @ Aug 14 2007, 04:52 PM)

why were muslim al-quda connected men like Atta, etc found in such close proximity to Dept of Defense, NSA, CIA and FBI centers?

I think reading Peter Dale Scott's just released book, "The Road to 9/11," may help answer some of these questions. Parapolitics, deep politics, a different topological landscape of political possibilities inhabited by spooks, drug-runners, terrorists, private security, mercenary armies, intelligence, counter-intelligence, mafioso, paramilitary, politicians, corporate heads, international lobbyists, arms dealers, etc. -- sometimes it is difficult to tell who is who without a program:

Book Description

This is an ambitious, meticulous examination of how U.S. foreign policy since the 1960s has led to partial or total cover-ups of past domestic criminal acts, including, perhaps, the catastrophe of 9/11. Peter Dale Scott, whose previous books have investigated CIA involvement in southeast Asia, the drug wars, and the Kennedy assassination, here probes how the policies of presidents since Nixon have augmented the tangled bases for the 2001 terrorist attack. Scott shows how America's expansion into the world since World War II has led to momentous secret decision making at high levels. He demonstrates how these decisions by small cliques are responsive to the agendas of private wealth at the expense of the public, of the democratic state, and of civil society. He shows how, in implementing these agendas, U.S. intelligence agencies have become involved with terrorist groups they once backed and helped create, including al Qaeda.

From the Inside Flap

"Scott's brilliantly perceptive account of the underpinnings of American governmental authority should be made required reading. The book vividly depicts the political forces that have pushed this country toward an abyss, threatening constitutional democracy at home and world peace abroad. Its central message can be understood as an urgent wake-up call to everyone concerned with the future of America."--Richard Falk, author of The Great Terror War

"Peter Dale Scott is one of that tiny and select company of the most brilliantly creative and provocative political-historical writers of the last half century. The Road to 9/11 further secures his distinction as truth-teller and prophet. He shows us here with painful yet hopeful clarity the central issue of our time--America's coming to terms with its behavior in the modern world. As in his past work, Scott's gift is not only recognition and wisdom, but also redemption and rescue we simply cannot do without."--Roger Morris, former NSC staffer

"The Road to 9/11 is vintage Peter Dale Scott. Scott does not undertake conventional political analysis; instead, he engages in a kind of poetics, crafting the dark poetry of the deep state, of parapolitics, and of shadow government. As with his earlier work Deep Politics and the Death of JFK, Scott has no theory of responsibility and does not name the guilty. Rather, he maps out an alien terrain, surveying the topography of a political shadow land, in which covert political deviancy emerges as the norm. After reading Scott, we can no longer continue with our consensus-driven belief that our so-called 'liberal' order renders impossible the triumph of the politically irrational."--Eric Wilson, Senior Lecturer of Public International Law, Monash University, and co-editor of Government of the Shadows

"Peter Dale Scott exposes a shadow world of oil, terrorism, drug trade and arms deals, of covert financing and parallel security structures-from the Cold War to today. He shows how such parallel forces of the United States have been able to dominate the agenda of the George W. Bush Administration, and that statements and actions made by Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld before, during and after September 11, 2001, present evidence for an American 'deep state' and for the so-called 'Continuity of Government' in parallel to the regular 'public state' ruled by law. Scott's brilliant work not only reveals the overwhelming importance of these parallel forces but also presents elements of a strategy for restraining their influence to win back the 'public state', the American democracy."--Ola Tunander, International Peace Research Institute, Oslo

"A powerful study of the historic origins of the terrorist strikes of September 11, this book offers an indispensable guide to the gluttonous cast of characters who, since Watergate and the fall of Nixon, fashioned an ever more reckless American empire. By exposing the corrupt U.S. 'deep state'-transfer of public authority to America's wealthy and to the nation's unaccountable secret intelligence agencies-Peter Dale Scott's The Road to 9/11 illuminates the path toward a more democratic and inclusive republic."--David MacGregor, King's University College at the University of Western Ontario

"The Road to 9/11 provides an illuminating and disturbing history of the American government since World War II. Scott's account suggests that the 9/11 attacks were a culmination of long-term trends that threaten the very existence of American democracy, and also that there has been a massive cover-up of 9/11 itself. This book, which combines extensive research, perceptive analysis, and a fascinating narrative, will surely be considered Scott's magnum opus."--David Ray Griffin, author of Debunking 9/11 Debunking

"'The America we knew and loved. Can it be saved?' That question opens this book, and getting to the answer called for the honed intellect of a scholar and the sensitivity of a poet. Peter Dale Scott has both, in spades, and here gives us much, much more than a book about 9/11. In a time of fear, he speaks for sanity and freedom."--Anthony Summers, author of The Arrogance of Power

thanks, Painter.

i see a lot of data points that , like Scott's book, create a picture of 'stables' of dupes, double-agents, and useful idiots.

al-quada operatives did not "penetrate' the defense department, or NSA.

it's quite the other way around. google arch terrorist ali mohammed, who allegedly trained bin ladens' bombers for embassy jobs -- he worked as Green Beret, for FBI, etc etc...
Yeah, I'll bet the dupes, double agents and useful idiots outnumber the High Perps by 20 to 1. :ph43r:
QUOTE (amazed! @ Aug 16 2007, 05:55 AM)
Yeah, I'll bet the dupes, double agents and useful idiots outnumber the High Perps by 20 to 1. :ph43r:

If you take into consideration EVERYONE who parrots the 9/11 OCT (and why not!) you'd have to make that MILLIONS to one. Useful idiots. Scared shitless sheep.


Oh yeah, THOSE kinds of useful idiots! biggrin.gif
Atta, FL, Hopsicker, NSA, FBI, etc. are also discussed at:

Entry Of The 9/11 Hijackers Into The United States
Bump -- the relevance is NSA surveillance.

NSA was UNAWARE of money transfer happening from the Ft Meade Safeway to Dubai. Hmmm...

Entry Of The 9/11 Hijackers Into The United States

The NSA headquarters are located in Laurel, MD at fort Meade.

Mohammed Atta was briefly staying in Laurel MD along with a few other of the AA77 alleged hijackers.

AN exhibit from the Moussauoi trial documents that Atta wired money from a Safeway to Dubai -- the safeway in question: 5 miles away from NSA Hq.

Similarly, other 'hijackers' rented a rooms in a boarding house in Vienna, VA, a few blocks away from a major CIA center.

In San Diego, two alleged "hijackers" who were on the CIA terror watchlist apparently were housed with a tested, trusted FBI asset.

alleged hijackers also listed addresses at US naval base (Pensacola) and attended Army foreign language training school in Monterey ,and jump school in Lackland, TX.

Why were various agencies of the US gov't, including NSA, CIA, FBI, and the DoD keeping these young, but somewhat incapable, muslim men so close to itself?

Think about it... and research the links of where 'alleged hijackers' lived, worked, traveled.

(i say 'alleged hijackers' only because neither the airlines, nor the gov't, have released a single document that establishes that the 19 men in question boarded any of the 4 alleged hijacked flights.)

Hi Jack!

how are you? Nice to hear from you, and thanks for the information! thumbsup.gif

I am a natural born citizen of America. I have trouble getting driver's license, registration, insurance, renting an apartment, finding employment, establishing a bank account, setting up utility accounts, renting a car, getting a credit card, cell phone.

These guys drop in out of nowhere and breeze along without any effort. This is enough in my mind to tell me they were being shepherded by someone with deep connections.

I'm really surprised there are no records following the money at the bank accounts. How and when were the accounts established? Was it a cash deposit, check or wire transfer?
QUOTE (kawika @ Aug 5 2013, 01:32 PM) *
I am a natural born citizen of America...

I'm really surprised there are no records following the money at the bank accounts. How and when were the accounts established? Was it a cash deposit, check or wire transfer?

Here is James Risen's article from 2002 about alleged hijacker bank accounts -- they opened 35. 14 of them were with SunTrust bank.

NY TIMES 2002 "Hijacker Bank Accounts"

Spies and terrorists in same Safeway Grocery store & Golds Gym" About the alleged hijackers living 5-10 miles from NSA -- the spying and surveillance HQ of America, Laurel Maryland (Ft Meade)
Hope these help illustrate the absurdity.

Listen mp3
mp3 Radio show Amy Goodman and Jim Bamford (NSA author)

October 14, 2008

Amy Goodman talks with James Bamford, an American bestselling author and journalist who writes about United States intelligence agencies, and he drops a bomb shell (which doesn’t seem to warrant a follow-up question from Ms Goodman) about how the 9/11 plotters set-up shop within eye site (sans trees – 6.1 miles) of NSA Headquarters, worked out at the nearby Gold’s Gym, shopped at the nearby Safeway and ate at the same restaurants as NSA employees.

Listen (.mp3)

AMY GOODMAN: Jim Bamford, can you talk about how the NSA picked up the very first clues about the 9/11 attacks well before the 9/11 attacks?

JAMES BAMFORD: Well, the very first clue to the 9/11 attack occurred in late December 1999, when the NSA picked up a message from a house in Yemen. The house was being used by bin Laden as his operations center. He didn’t have much capability to operate out of Afghanistan, so all the phone calls, all the messages, email and all that would go to this house in the city of Sanaa, the capital of Yemen. NSA had been eavesdropping on that house for a number of years, and in late December 1999, it picked up a particular intercept, picked up a particular phone conversation.

And the phone conversation said that-send Khalid and Nawaf to Kuala Lumpur for a meeting. So, NSA picked that up, and they-first of all, they figured that Nawaf and Khalid had to be very important potential terrorists, because they were being assigned by bin Laden out in Afghanistan to go to a meeting in Kuala Lumpur. That seemed like a terrorist summit meeting. NSA gave that information to the other intelligence agencies, and the CIA set up a surveillance in Kuala Lumpur, and then they lost them in Kuala Lumpur.

After they lost them, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi went to California. They got in without any problem. NSA, even though they had the last name of Nawaf al-Hazmi in their computers, they never bothered to check, so they both got in without any problem into the United States. They went down, and they lived in San Diego. And they began calling back and forth to that house in Yemen, the house that NSA was eavesdropping on. So NSA is picking up their conversations to the house in Yemen, translating them and then sending out the conversations to-or summaries of the conversations to the CIA without ever telling anybody that they were in the United States. And they were in the United States for almost two years. Al-Hazmi was there from January 2000 to September 2001. And again, they’re communicating back and forth; NSA is picking up but not telling anybody that they’re in the US.

AMY GOODMAN: Explain, Jim Bamford-

JAMES BAMFORD: And it got so bad-

AMY GOODMAN: You say that they set up their final base of operations almost next door to the NSA headquarters in Laurel, Maryland?

JAMES BAMFORD: Well, that’s the ultimate irony, was they eventually travel across country from San Diego, and they set up their final base of operations-these are the-this is the crew that was about to attack the Pentagon-about a month before, they set up their base of operations in Laurel, Maryland, of all places, that happens to be the same city that NSA is headquartered. So they set up their base of operations in this Valencia Motel, and almost across the Baltimore-Washington Parkway is NSA headquarters. The director’s office is on the eighth floor, and, except for some trees, he could almost see the motel where they’re staying. So, NSA is over there trying to find terrorists, and here is the 9/11 terrorists sitting right opposite the NSA on the other side of the parkway making their final plans.

Mohamed Atta flew there for summit meetings. And they had to take three hotels at one point to put all the people there. So, as NSA is looking for them, they’re having their final summit meetings there, and they’re walking around the Safeway, they’re exercising in Gold’s Gym, they’re eating in the restaurants there, they’re mingling with NSA employees. That’s NSA’s company town. It’s just the ultimate irony that here you have the terrorists and the eavesdroppers living side by side in the month before the final attack.
Bamford: "They went down, and they lived in San Diego. And they began calling back and forth to that house in Yemen, the house that NSA was eavesdropping on. So NSA is picking up their conversations to the house in Yemen, translating them and then sending out the conversations to-or summaries of the conversations to the CIA without ever telling anybody that they were in the United States."

They don't need to be told. The calls were coming from San Diego. What a bunch of idiots.

Hey, did the calls continue to Yemen after they all met up in Laurel? Ya think?

But look. I have no doubt that they want these "plots" to succeed so they have a reason to spring into action, collect more funding and pat themselves on the back for protecting everyone.

What a sad state of affairs.

One of the first signs of a large infusion of cash coming into the United States for use by the hijackers appears in bank records dating from 2000, when $100,000 was deposited in bank accounts controlled by some of the leading hijackers, including Mr. Atta and Marwan al-Shehhi, Mr. Lormel said. The F.B.I. has traced that money back to the United Arab Emirates and believes that it was sent to the hijackers by Mustafa Ahmed al-Hisawi, who is accused of helping to manage Osama bin Laden's finances.

$100,000 in cash to multiple accounts. Sounds to me like a wire transfer, not a check. Within a matter of days, the FBI identified the 19 hijackers using flight, credit card, banking, and other records.

Check this out:

"We had access to the actual evidence of the plotters’ financial transactions, including U.S. and foreign bank account statements, fund transfer records, and other financial records."

Read further on.
It's an interesting story about the money and bank accounts, and FBI "failures." However, there still isn't evidence that these particular men actually boarded the planes. It appears more like that the 19 presumed were busy establishing "legends" about themselves -- and furthermore, EVEN when Khalid almihdhar phoned a KNOWN TERROR SAFEHOUSE phone number in ? Yemen, and Khalid and Nawaf traveled to Phillipines, STILL they don't get questioned, etc.

Argues that someone like FBI or another group was monitoring the group in order not to arrest detail or deter, but to keep them

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