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Full Version: Norad Tapes 100 Hours
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QUOTE (Ricochet @ Apr 10 2011, 04:49 AM) *

I listened to all of it and read everything they transcribed. I am going to add to their transcriptions when I have time. Of particular note is Channel TT 21 Op, I conclude a missile tracked. they used quick alert, " quick dropping now quick" not quickly. Quick alert is NORAD for missile.

Supposedly AA77 did not have a transponder on, soooooo what were they tracking altitude on?

Dear Ricochet.

That is a very significant question.
What type of --radar-- would these people have been doing the tracking with??

Infrared sensors detect the heat energy or infrared radiation from an object. Infrared electromagnetic radiation (EMR) has wavelengths longer than the red end of visible light and shorter than microwaves (roughly between one and 100 microns). The Defense Support Program (DSP) satellite, is an example of a space-based infrared sensor (SBIRS) that can detect the heat signature or plume from the launch of a ballistic missile.

More here:
I will have a bit more to add to this soon. TT 21 ops is well worth a close listen to. Something came up east of Boston.
Thanks for all you do guys, in pursuit of the truth!
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