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Full Version: Flight 93 Never Crashed Near Shanksville
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Greetings to All:

Many Americans are simply unwilling to open their eyes to the truth that all the pictures taken outside Shanksville on 9/11 show empty hole in an empty field. You are bearing witness to one of the greatest hoaxes ever perpetuated on the masses in United States history. I encourage everyone to use your search engines and find just one picture of Flight 93 crashed anywhere. Our investigation begins by putting "Flight 93" into your search engine to find this at

Everyone here can look up all the “Flight 93” pictures you want and none of them show a crashed 757-200 Jetliner. Even the tiny little 20-foot diameter hole (remember this dimension for the Flight 77 case) shows grass growing on all the slopes.

Take a good long hard look into the empty hole and tell me if you see a crashed 100-Ton Jetliner. Where can you see any Jetliner debris even in the area? This site is excellent for finding ‘the truth’ on this Flight 93 HOAX:

"Notice the vegetation and grass which has overgrown the crash imprint already! This is what most might assume are the wingtips and the tail fin imprinted onto the ground. Yet they are completely over-grown with grass! And grass and vegetation is also seen growing on the sides of the burning pit walls! This must be some kind of new Sunni Muslim Prairie Grass, which is able to grow back in minutes! This shows that a large portion of the imprint of what we were told was Flight 93, was made long before 911! And that the owner of this property is a key witness, and a probable player into what really happened on 911! This crash site was pre-made, and shows no wreckage, nor burning jet fuel. Two staples of every airplane crash before 911! The owner of this property is one of the players in 911!"

There you can see the video ( ) with the grass growing down into the little hole where someone has dumped a load of garbage and set that on fire. Below that movie you see this picture with my notes:

The photographer appears to be crouching down in the hole, but the nearness of the grass, but our eye level is still on the same plane as the hood on that fire truck. Some people actually believe this little hole is 35 feet deep, when you can see it cannot be more than just four feet max. Any engines or black boxes the government claims to have found here would be planted 'after' this grass was later removed. This link and FoxNews Report tells the story.

Flight 93:

Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media

An article detailing Flight 93's last minutes was briefly available at on 9/11/2001. It [does] not fit the official story of the last moments of Flight 93 and rapidly disappeared from news websites, but it can still be found at the web archive: It was reported that a missile was heard before the crash: Debris fell from Flight 93 nearly six miles from the crash scene . . . human remains were found miles from the crash scene . . . light debris was found eight miles from the crash scene . . . and the following footage proves Flight 93 did not crash in a single piece but came apart in midair and scattered over a wide area . . . << Must see rare footage = FOX / NBC News Report.   

The military refused to rule out a shoot down on September 15, 2001... ...and the Washington Envoy to Canada says Bush ordered a shoot down . . . What else is the government concealing about 9/11?

Go to the and verify all the evidence for yourself against the documented pictures here ( ).

What we need is some hard evidence for WHY some some Americans continue to believe Flight 93 crashed into this empty field outside Shanksville, Pennsylvania, besides “Because Senor Bushie told me so . . .”.

Pentagon Thread >>

yes. it is astonishing that anyone believes the"official" story concerning the demise of 93.

i imagine that they are still laughing their asses off in DC. i think that they say, "if they believe this one, they'll believe anything, and if they'll believe everything we tell 'em, we own the USA."

the most amazing thing is i have been banned from purportedly progressive blogs for bringing up these unwanted truths. crazier still, some of the favored posters have followed me to my blog to continue to assert the accuracy of the usg's pronouncements concerning the events of that day.

there are times that i think that many blogspots are managed by state security.

but the 93 tale is the most grotesque of all the inventions.
Grotesque? Yes, but heck man, they made a MOVIE of it, so it must be true! rolleyes.gif
There are photos of debris fromt he crash site used here:

Just picking only the photos that dont show debris is just not cricket.
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