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Full Version: Security Cams On Vesey
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1.) Security cam on SE corner of WTC 7.

Probably okay after NT collapse (my guess- based on apparently little to no damage shown to that corner of the building in known photographs)

2.) Security cam across street from WTC 7 next to pedestrian bridge (probably toasted by NT collapse.

3.) Security cam? on north wall below WTC 6 (corner of West and Vesey)
I'm guessing it might have come out okay.
original image from here
What might their footage show, assuming it survived? How many more of them were located in that area?
Talking about cameras... then when I saw this bellow at another forum... then it makes my wonder:

"A collection of images captured during 6 hours from EarthCam cameras in New York City and Washington DC on September 11, 2001. The images are presented in chronological order beginning at 7:15 AM in Times Square."
Doh! Here it is again (larger image here):
Sooo, what might that security camera have given us a view of on 9/11? Maybe something similar to the second one of these two, eh? Except as we can see from the first one, it wouldn't have always been totally smoky at the lower level looking east on Vesey. Dunno about you, but I wouldn't mind seeing what that camera shot on 9/11. Just for S&G, you understand... after all, it could hardly be much less revealing than Steve Spak's video and stills, right? At least, if the lens was pointing east, which I suspect it might be. After all, pointing west towards the corner intersection doesn't make as much sense as pointing east towards the high powered occupant, video camera happy, and financially involved WTC 7 building, at least to my way of thinking.

Here's that security camera on WTC 6's side of the street once again:
first from Bill Biggart, second from Steve Spak, third from the LoC image collection:

Screencap from Steve Spak's Day of Disaster DVD torrent:
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